NSK041 – Sakura-Con Wrap Up

Recorded April 24th, 2011.

This week on NSK the guys were in Seattle for Sakura-Con. They sit down to talk about the experience seeing Berryz Koubou from the Advance CD Purchase to the Q&A. From the Autographs to the Live Concert. It’s a Berry filled Podcast!


Berryz Koubou – Heroine ni Narou Ka!


Berryz Koubou – Shining Power!


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  1. Cool. Looking forward to listening.

  2. Cool show, dudes. Glad to hear that the journey to see Berryz was good and you guys had fun. It’s too bad about the convention procedures and some of the staff… I feel like you unfortunately need to expect that type of stuff to happen all the time, but that’s inexcusable. God, I’m getting the itch… the “I need to go to a convention” itch!

  3. Everytime I hear people talk about conventions or E3 or PAX I really end up wanting to go to one. Even with the loads and loads of horror stories.

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