NSK038 – Really Really Uneventful

Recorded April 1st, 2011.

This week….Atr0n loves Itano, buying multiple copies of CDs, Dream Musume, release dates, general elections, positive music and Aki-P, the AKB establishment, AM2 & AX, and Japan stories.

AKB48 – 10-nen Sakura
Morning Musume – Sexy Boy ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~
AKB48 – Tsundere
Perfume – Nee


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  1. I verily enjoyed today’s podcast. It probably also helped because I had a crappy morning, but I totally dug the insight on convention-going and the trip to Japan.

    All this talk about Anime Conventions and General Elections is making me all excited for the summer again.

  2. Also, this: http://newschoolkaidan.com/2010/08/26/footage-from-anime-expo/
    I remember this from a while back… when you guys were still rockliao.wordpress, hah.

  3. I’ve gotta say it’s a strange thing having me browse this website and downloading the podcast. I’m not that big into the idol thing. However I find the discussions really entertaining and in some ways feel like I SHOULD be drawn more to AKB and all these other groups brought up on both the site and the podcast.

    I got here from David’s blog which I used to occasionally find a new band or group to listen to…and at first I was very hesitant (back in the JapanAcademy days) but coming back here at this point and time makes me very glad I did.

    I am now a big fan of NSK.

    • Man, thanks for taking the time to check out NSK and the podcast when you’re not into idols, haha.
      One of our main goals was to try to make our podcast somewhat entertaining to listen to even if the listener didn’t wasn’t really into the content we were talking about, so I’m really glad you said that.
      A year and a half ago, I never thought I’d be intensely into Japanese stuff in the first place, let alone working on a site focusing on idol media. It’s awesome to know you’re at least open to it since there’s a lot of stigmas and cultural differences to get over to really start enjoying this stuff.

      Awesome to hear from you!

      • Yeah my little brother was always into Japanese music and drawing things in that anime/manga style.

        I didn’t GET it.

        I believe it was David’s blog and a video from Baseball Bear that started getting me into Japanese music. Although I’ve yet to REALLY get into any girl groups aside from Perfume. But idol? I dunno. Maybe one day. It could very well happen.

        I can say though, Dae that indeed after listening to 5 episode (the latest three and the first two you can get off of here, I think 8 and 9) I’m really loving this podcast.
        I can’t wait to catch up from 10 to where I’ve left off. I hope this podcast gets far and begins to attract a lot more people.

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