NSK036 – Fresh Annoying Lemons…

Recorded March 17th, 2011.

This week the NSK talks about the AKB49 Manga, The Circus Theme Covers and Maji Desu ka SKA, the appeal of newly promoted AKB members(or lack thereof), followed by a discussion about dressing like an idol fan.

Opening: AKB48 – Kuroi Tenshi
Closing: AKB48 – Seifuku ga jama wo suru, AKB48 – B Stars


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  1. Jesus Christ, what a painful show to listen to. Man, I listen to all your shows until the end. Can I get a prize for that?

    I kid.

    LOL EFFING TRONGAKI’S HAIR IS A BIRD. I actually laughed. You know, Tron could totally be a Filipino Aki-P… maybe.

    Yeah, the earthquake came and ruined everything. Not much news and idol shirts aren’t as fashionable or cool as they could be. I want Laundry (the Japanese clothing company) to make some AKBingo shirts available to the public.

    • We’d give you a prize but the earthquake ruined it, along with the podcast and everything else :[

      Tron’s going cosplay as Aki-P and he has no say on the matter.

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