NSK035 – The Black Princess

Recorded March 10th, 2011.

This week the NSK talks about the PVs by Not Yet, SDN48, and SKE48. We also talk about Oricon Numbers, the new Berryz and C-ute Album Covers. Finally, there’s a discussion about Dae’s Camping Trip.

Here is the link to what Tron was talking about during his final word: AKB49!

Opening: Berryz Kobou – Maji Bomber
Closing: AKB48 – Dear My Teacher, AKB48 – Virgin Love, Morning Musume – The Peace!


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  1. It’s me! missingno15 (aka honeysenpai)!

    Chapter 4 has been released (on Sunday)! Puriisu habu ayy rukku!


    Thanks for the plug Tron!

    • Haha, thanks for the clear-up, I just took a shot in the dark at who you were; I didn’t know Missingno and Honey was the same person :U

      Thanks for all your work–Always looking forward to more chapters!

  2. By the way, thats how the first volume looks like for those who wanted to know how the covers look like. Vol 2 is coming out this week. Which reminds me, I gotta order it




    Reverse finger gloves are weird, wtf.

    Even Tokyohive doesn’t say there’s a day 1 limited edition of the AKB48 album.
    Perhaps they changed it, perhaps not.
    Everything’s getting delayed due to the earthquake/tsunami. Effing natural disasters. Ruining everything. Lol, my friend said that the earthquake could have waited a few more hours… so Shukan AKB could have aired.

    David, you follow MYAO! Suddenly you are breaking your Twitter rules. She’s cool though, using the Engrish.

    Otaku / wota / weaboo
    Yes, otaku/wota are Japanese words and Japanese people themselves don’t go calling each other otaku nor do they like it if foreigners call them or themselves (the gaijin calling himself) a wota. However, I feel like our fandom is so niche that we’ve had to jump through quite a few hoops just to receive the media that we like to consume, which makes our fandom a lot more extreme than say, a typical mainstream fan in Japan. Some would consider this wota-like, others would not.
    I myself have called myself an otaku at times because of all the crap I import and collect (not even that much compared to some people around here) and how much time I invest online on my hobbies, be it communities of the fandom, streaming sites, downloads, news reports, etc.
    Otaku and wota do get very negative views due to the extreme representing the mass (hardcore H!P fans or hardcore AKS fans), but I think it’s just a typical social stigma, kind of like punk, emo, scene kids here.
    Weaboo just means Japanophile.
    Therefore, I feel like we shouldn’t be too ashamed of the traditional connotation of otaku/wota, but I do understand where it’s coming from.
    Plus, my blog is called Closet Wota. Stop making fun of me because I’m fat and sweaty. :(

    I didn’t expect those girls to make 200k yearly.
    I thought they got paid dirt ala~ typical Japanese agency owns these peoples’ souls stereotype. Though, my friend told me that American artists will earn 200k in like… a day, (I guess like if they do a gig) so… relatively it’s not insane. For being young ladies though, yeah it’s a lot of money, I’ll agree with that. Of course, this is the upper range. Who knows how much someone like… Oku Manami makes.

    P.S. I’m with David on this one. Beer. Alone in the desert. One tent. WTF?

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