NSK034 – Seishun Academy

Recorded March 5th, 2011.

Back to the regularly scheduled Podcasts. This week’s show: Yarakai Heart, Preference of Covers, Maji Desuka SKA Song Impressions, Taiwan 48, Team DIVA, Tokyo Marathon, Real Idols, and a discussion about Cover songs.

Opening: Morning Musume – Seishun Collection
Closing: Team MINT – Kiss Made 100 Mile


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    Oh boy oh boy, podcast marathon all up in here. I’m lovin’ it like some McDonald’s.

    I think Taiwanese Japanese relations are great, but that’s mostly because I think Taiwan is Japan Jr. It does seem like Chinese culture is just different. I feel like Japan is the only Asian country that acts the way it does. Korea probably comes up as a close second. Or maybe Singapore? I honestly don’t know, but yes, it’s strange… it’s a culture that’s an oddball and we are attracted to it.

    True you hit runner’s high midway, but when you end… you collapse.
    I thought she would have shut down as well, but since she’s in good physical shape, I guess it’s okay (or she was keeping up a really good appearance).

    DiVa is only:
    Akimoto Sayaka, Umeda Ayaka,Masuda Yuka, and Miyazawa Sae. (TokyoHive)

    Getting laid high school vs prof school
    Noooo waaay Daaaaeee.
    Well, it depends, especially on the school and the people. My friends and I believe college was the prime time for horizontal refreshment. Maybe it’s a mix of independence (freedom from parents/household), peer pressure, convenient settings (dorms), physical and mental development, etc.

    Kasai and Inaba LOOOOOOOOOL
    This whole idols getting laid subject is interesting, take a look at Aya Hirano. NO ONE KNEW! In the end, they are also human beings that have desires… I never really made the connection for some reason, but yes they could be basically actresses and be really good at covering up their private lives.

    Eat it on skype together, loool. Cute guys, cute.

    Signed Gaki poster: It seems like they don’t sign posters and goods in Japan in front of your face anyway… (I hear with Japanese limited goods they sign them before they are sent off to be mailed out / purchased) that’s why I feel like when they go to foreign anime cons and sign in front of your face, it’s a big deal.

    I know how Anime Expo got AKB48… :3

  2. David is certainly the wise sage of Idol common sense. I wouldn’t even dream to think that half these girls haven’t been with a man by the age of 18/19/20.

    Core example, seiyu and all a round mad woman Aya Hirano. Went YEARS until she made it public that she loved having sex and dating guys. Also don’t forget that one particular AKB lady ended up in the porn industry…I don’t think she left AKB a virgin!

    Realistically speaking there has only been 1 AKB girl who had been seen with a CONFIRMED boy friend. The only reason this had been caught was because the dumb fuck decided to post said picture on the net for obvious trolls to pick up on. Imagine if such picture didn’t leave his phone? It would have been much more than the 3 months which were celebrated on the text of that pic. I mean it did take 3 months for them to be caught. How many may have not ben caught at all?

    I reckon joe public really doesn’t give a shit about idols. These girls could be dating in their own high school or whatever, it just takes one sour ass geek to spill the beans but, again, unless your really bitter I dont think that these peps really have any issue, just the hardcore Wotas

    Sorry if I may offended anyone who does think like this, but let’s be honest, we enjoy their personalities and cuteness based on how they present themselves like on the TV. There’s nothing wrong with that and personally I don’t wanna see their private lives paraded on the tv. Because I bet then, that most of them would be less than special for us!

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