NSK032 – Idol Awards 2010 Part II

Recorded February 22rd, 2011.

A continuation of the last show, 2010 Idol Awards Show Part II. We talk about 2010’s Best Music Videos.

Opening: AKB48 – Beginner (Instrumental)
Closing: AKB48 – Lucky 7


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One comment

  1. Memorable scene of Akkanbe Bashi: Dude who gets a bloody nose, then Mayu becomes NOT impressed.

    Boku Dake no VALUE:
    I like how Dae is very critical of the logistics of candy falling from the sky. Sometimes, you gotta think about these things.

    Oota Aika doing the Shimmy? Like this?

    I now imagine David running… then stopping just to do the shimmy, then continue running.

    About the story:
    Oota aika says, KIMO (disgusting), yes, but effing the SKE girls were the ones who were dogging on Komori’s socks (though Miho was talking shit about them during lunch)
    Yagami Kumi looks like she’s going to cut me. Jesus Christ.

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