NSK031 – Idol Awards 2010 Part I

Recorded February 23rd, 2011.

To wrap up last year, the 2010 Idol Awards Show Part I.  We talk about 2010’s best and worst costumes, top choreographs, terrible PVs, and more.

Opening: Morning Musume – Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai
Closing: French Kiss – Zutto Mae Kara


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  1. you guys suck hahaha, come on how can you not like Kimi to Sekai, the PV is pure fan service and yes they knew exactly what they were doing when they made the PV.
    I mean come on you got girls licking ice cream while winking at the camera, sharing ice cream, licking each other, and having fun with the fan service, like Shiori smashing the ice cream all over her lips and then giving this goofy smile.

    ok i’m going to shut up now, Guilty pleasure PV Kimi to Sekai

  2. Not going to lie, this show was one of the not so good ones. Very long, a bit drawn out. Some noise in the background and mood was a bit bland. Get enthusiastic, guys! It’s an awards show! Understandable though, since the previous one was lost and this is a re-record. That’s rough. I feel like it could have been split even further or the info would have been better off posted in a post (with videos and pics :3). It gets really hard to seek a 3.5 hour podcast, especially when trying to figure out what category you’re talking about at the moment.

    Without further ado…

    Eff yes, Beginner performance version costumes!
    Akkanbe Bashi for choreo, eff yeah! (high five, Tron)
    Eff yes, Lucky Seven. I love the part where they make the seven with their arms. In the live performance, since they’re holding mics, they draw out the seven with one arm. Not as cool, but a good save.
    Ponytail choreo: Catching each other and shit (attempting to hug each other, but the other ducks) shushuing their hair…
    Heavy rotation choreo: Hell yes

    In regards to PVs like Heavy Rotation and Chance no Junban looking like their colors are messed up, I think it’s the lighting. The BRIGHT light bounces off the walls and shit.
    Bright pink and bright white are bound to distort like crazy, my theory anyway.
    Other PVs like ponytail look good.

    Fake lottery Morning Musume was good. Both JunJun and LinLin were all like, give the money to mom and dad and the other members.

    To get into the awards announcement mood, read everything below in the voice of that announcer guy who says everything in English on Music Station.

    Two thousand ten, best choreo moves!

    THE WALKING MAN in Heavy Rotation.
    With an arm held in front of them, they take their other hand and walk it up the arm like a walking man.
    (This move brings a smile to my face every time now)

    THE YOROSHIKU~! in 1 2 3 4 Yoroshiku.
    Jumping up and down, the girls stop briefly to greet their partner and shake their hand.

    THE TRIPLE MIC ROTATION in Heavy Rotation.
    When these girls tell you they want you, they need you, they love you, they dance around their microphone stands, for your pleasure.

    • Yea a lot things weren’t going in our favor for this show. It was a re-recording, and we had a long break in-between, making it harder to get back into the rhythm of things. Well, procrastinating on the 2010 awards show for 3 months could also have had something to do with it =_=. When it got to my turn I was usually at a loss for words because I was trying to think about what I said last time, but couldn’t remember. These are all things we’ll keep in mind to make future shows better.

      AND YOU MADE A GREAT SUGGESTION—I’m going to put all of my picks from the awards show and put them into a proper post after the entire show is uploaded so I can properly explain and have it all on writing, with videos n all.

      “The Walking Man” may just be my favorite move of all time.

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