NSK030 – Tron Ousts Another Halfy

Recorded February 21th, 2011.

Happy 30th Show. Tron, Dae, and David sit down to talk about working restaurants & retail, Tron’s Continued Gambling, Banzai Venus vs Yoroshiku, C-ute Laker Girls, Saturday Night 48, and Idol Graduations.

Opening: AKB48 – Kanojo ni Narimasu ka?
Closing: AKB48 – Choose me, Zenjin Mitou and Aoi Station


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  1. Happy 30th show!

    Dude I just had total déjà vu. I heard this same story from a podcast from the past. The whole, coming in 10 minutes before closing. Eating past closing time. Getting up. TROLL’d. GETTING’ A SODA. I’ve considered working in some type of food service in order to appreciate the work that gets put into it and gain the experience of doing it, but I never did… it’s great to know what goes on in the minds of service workers though. After all, they’re people too.

    About the waiter pet peeves:
    Hot tea at like… Asian places? Or Western restaurants? I feel like it would be totally easy at Asian places since they make that shit in bulk.

    On Resonant Blue: You’re welcome, Tron.

    On PVs: That insulation-looking wall shit? Stop that, H!P… stop it.
    Also, I hate that fade in… that transition where it’s like… two clips on top of each other. It’s like some little kid or grandma did some Windows Movie Maker or iMovie and shoved clips in together with a fade for “artistic effect.”

    Banzai Venus is pretty repetitive, less close-ups and featuring of the girls blows. KUUMIN YOU GOT OWNED.
    I personally like the gold/tan lighting in Yoroshiku. Banzai Venus is hella bright compared to it, making some of the chicks (KUMIN) look extra pale and sometimes sickly pink.

    Tanabe Miku DOES look Korean. She’s really good looking, with her not same sized eyes. I would like it if she got featured more, especially since she looks really good with the thicker eye liner and the shorter hair.

    Mint’s song is really cute. Especially with Maeda kicking a pile of crack all over the place.

    In the Undergirls song, Guuzen no Juujiro, Tron is the fat kid with the towel. I don’t know why, but that’s the image I am getting.

    Fujie Reina does look great. OH WAIT. It’s IWASA MISAKI. I do like how we all figured it out during the live cast.

    Yeah dude what the eff, she’s supposed to be top undergirl.
    Remember in Boku dake no VALUE: Miho flirting with the teacher… AAAAWWWW YEEEAAA

    I feel like Sakura no ki ni Narou appeals because it’s a graduation song. Definitely going to win over teenage hearts across the country.

    I save my AIM conversations too! It autosaves. It’s useful for finding out links I’ve sent to people and mostly for funny conversations I have with friends.

    Tron, stop saying AKB bingo.

    Senbatsu is like… top 12 honestly
    21 for senbatsu? Maybe only 16 get shown.

    David, Kashiwagi is the best, eff you.

    • Shoulda known better about DIVA, but really, that group has too many members.

      Sakura no Ki ni Narou is a smart release because it has the ability to appeal to older people who aren’t idol fans in addition to young teens; Japanese people go nuts for all things nostalgic, so what better way to tug at their nostalgia than a sweet graduation song from the most popular group in Japan?

      Man, we’ve corrected Tron several times that it’s AKBingo and not AKB Bingo but I’ve gotten so used to it, I just let it be.

  2. You really got me interested in those early episodes. Are you going to release them?

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