NSK029 – The Heart Shaped Show

Recorded February 15th, 2011.

After a week off, we’re back to talk about Chicago Hot Dogs, Young Girl’s Game, Not Yet, and Plastic Surgery.

Opening: Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 – Valentine Kiss
Closing: S/mileage – Short Cut


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  1. Finally!
    Now I can use a few days to listen at the podcast.
    Little by little I’ll be listening to it like I use to every podcast (and movies) I come cross over haha.

  2. Morning Musme and Ska… would be awesome.

    I lean more towards Tsunku makes all of the groups sound the same. Though admittedly, I don’t listen to any other groups rather than MM. However, if he’s composing all the music for his “subgroups”, I think they’re all going to sound the same.
    This is a good comparison, since AKS groups SEEM to have more individual personalities to them.

    Iroppoi jirettai was a good song yes

    People just tired of MM? Maybe, to be honest. I’ve heard that trends die fast in Japan. The entertainment industry would not be exempt. We’ve had over 10 years of MM… crazy eh? But how does that explain how Arashi is on the rise again? OR SMAP!?

    Idol history is very short
    So where does AKB stand now?
    The only examples we really have are onyanko, pink lady, mm (hp)
    You guys brought up a good one. I’m going to have to write about this some day.

    RESONANT BLUE YOU ASSHOLES (the dakedo, ne ne dakedo… song)

    Addressing the rumors about demotions: Basically AKS is going to set up a roster of regular girls who will appear at the theater. I’m assuming that this will result in more frequent shows again. Thought, this might mean the more popular members will no longer be appearing at the theater >:[
    Back to your roots, good thinking , Akimoto. The theater is where it all began. You CANNOT forsake that. And more idols you can meet aka take photos with… lol. Though, their NEW ALBUM is going to allow some lucky fans to do so!

    Kobayashi in France reminds me of how people don’t like Acchan (they say she is cold)

    Kobayashi… recently akbingo… naked… I dunno man…

    “I hate thick condoms” <– Kind of turns me off about her.
    The dating thing and intimate thing… not so much, considering how she never really had a childhood. =\
    Yes, upside down bikini (AYA STYLE) Google Aya Style and you get: http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=aya+style
    Images of it. There are even some that show you how it has been put on wrong and some fans have CORRECTED it with photoshop. Amazing.

    On SDN and the women being older… imagine Nakazawa Yuko being an idol again LOOOL

    I actually like how Kitarie looks in Shuumatsu Not Yet Type B. Kitahara is awesome anyway, don't worry about it.

    Holy shit David = Kojima, Dae = Takamina, Tron = Minegishi

    Stop saying yokoHama yui

    Banzai Venus clearly not as good as 1 2 3 4. It just doesn't have the same effect when you do the crowd thing again and the song itself isn't as good.

    1 for use, 1 for back up, 1 for storage (never to be touched)

    Yamaguchi Rio and her sister…
    True, you should think before you speak

    Plastic surgery…
    Neutral conclusion you guys ended with. Good points were that plastic surgery is kind of like getting braces. It's cosmetic (hey man, insurance doesn't cover shit like that or contact lenses!) However, the stigma of having parts of your face changed is still there. It's tough. Society wants you to be super pretty, but if you don't get it naturally, you have to use other means to achieve it. Then you get chastised for it.
    With teeth however, supposedly there is a health benefit to having braces since misalignment can lead to impacted teeth. And yes, this ain't no FACE OFF. I am less likely to believe the AKB girls are getting procedures done here and there, but I could be wrong. Who knows. In the end, who cares. It's kind of a shallow thing and the idol industry is kind of shallow entertainment. No offense meant by that. It's just… a lot about looks. So that's what you'll get.

    What. Jerry Brown is CA governor now.

    I would enjoy a 24/7 or at least, long term videocasting. Oh man, I just got the idea to broadcast all AKBINGOs from 2008 to 2011.

    • OH SHIT JERRY BROWN! That’s why I felt so unsure, totally slipped my mind—guess I still haven’t accepted that it’s 2011 yet. And the upside down bikini is absolutely hilarious; how the hell do you fuck that up?!

  3. Aruiteru was the Morning Musume song Sharam Q covered. In my opinion the best HP cover song is Samishii Nettaigyo by Wink covered by W. Okamura performed renai revolution 21 and The Peace on the Mechaike special with field trips. He was learning the rr21 choreography at the beginning and using part of The Peace Choreography when getting Morning Musume members to agree to the field trip.

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