NSK027 – Idols Are Real Women

Recorded January 22th, 2011.

Had some problems with the recorders. Please forgive the buzzing sound and the occasional echo.

Opening: AKB48 Undergirls – Namida no See-saw Game
Closing: AKB48 – Heart Gata Virus, AKB48 – Mirai no Kajitsu


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  1. I thought the title was supposed to be, “Idols Are Real Women.”

    Some notes:

    Not Yet: They all have low, husky voices LOOOOL

    I was talking to a Japanese friend the other day and he told me that Itano Tomomi is totally cute, especially because of her ‘yaeba’ aka double tooth, or just that tooth that sticks out sideways from her god damn gums. He told me a lot of people in Japan dig that shit. I was all like, “yeah no dude, Americans no so much.” He was surprised.

    The biggest imperfection I notice is the teeth. So that goes for you, Tomochin… you and your catmouth, Oshima Yuko the Squirrel, Minegishi, Kuramochi (though she did get them modified), and on occasion, Kashiwagi.
    Maeda Atsuko has some teeth imperfections but they’re not so bad, I guess.

    You know who else has bad teeth?
    Sometimes, that wonky eye of hers is a little cute, like at a 3/4 angle and when she’s looking up. Other times…. not so much.
    However, what I find strange is Yagami Kumi… not attracted to her.


    Windows 7 rocks.
    Don’t worry about it.

    Nice predictions on the Request Hour Setlist, I had some OH SHIT moments when I saw the top 25.

    I like how Dae has this echo so it sounds like he’s David’s conscience (especially the part about Maeda Ami’s shoulders)

  2. Crooked teeth was something that always bugged me, but after a year of idols I think I’ve been able to completely ignore them, to an extent; Itano was always ok since the rest of her teeth were fine, but some still bug me.

    The top 25 results were really surprising, especially for the new stage songs. And damn, good catch on the podcast title.

  3. Shinoda Mariko has a big ass mole on her arm that she usually covers up or photographers avoid shooting XD

    It’s too bad Kuramochi Asuka fixed her teeth :(

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