We are ever evolving, doing things bigger, faster, stronger. And longer. Thicker… and harder. But we can only do so much with our current crew at NSK. We need inventive, ambitious people with way too much free time to round out our ragtag group here, so we want YOU!

This is an open call for writers, coders, broadcasters, encoders, designers, podcasters, translators, mathematicians, dragon tamers and anything else; anyone with a level head, a confident skill, and a willingness to help NSK— we want to know about it, so use our contact page to let us know!

In the e-mail you should include what you want to contribute to the site, why you want to join, and provide a sample of your work.

About Dae Lee

-Dae, aka Mizu -Writer, broadcaster, and podcaster on New School Kaidan

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