NSK Steam Secret Santa


It’s a video game exchanging holiday extravaganza!

If you play games on PC or Mac and use Steam, you know that every winter is the most anticipated time of year for crazy sales— up to 75% percent off, which means awesome, quality games going for 5-10 dollars. So we at NSK PC Club thought it’d be nice to get into the spirit of giving and start up a Secret Santa for Steam users! Since steam gifts games as download codes, it makes exchanging quick, effortless, and completely online.

If you want to be in on the fun, comment on this post with your Steam id (or use the contact form for privacy) and join the NSK PC Club. We’ll use the NSK PC Club Steam Community page to post more information.

If you don’t know what Secret Santa is, it’s where a group of people submit their names into a pool and a trustworthy fellow (like staff member Yoshi) will scramble the names and assign who gives 1 gift to another participant. Only the giver of the gift should know who they’re giving the gift to and the receiver should not find out who gives them the gift until the day they receive it.

Our Rules:

  1. Value limit max of $10 USD
  2. 1 submission per person
  3. Deadline for signing up is the last minute of Christmas Eve, December 24th, 11:59 PM PST. (GMT -8)
  4. Once you buy your gift, you must send a message to Dae on Steam noting what game you bought, and for whom
  5. Don’t spoil any secrets ;)

On top of that we have a free giveaway as well! Garry’s got a DOTA 2 beta key to give away at random, so when you sign up, mention if you want one (Unfortunately, China is a restricted region, so tough beans!)!

Tip: You can check members’ current list of owned games and their wishlist on their profiles to see what kind of games they like/want and what they already have!

So if you love games and feeling fuzzy inside, join our Secret Santa!

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