NSK Staff Prop Bet Reveal!

Prop Bets made by the NSK staff for the AKB48 Election are in! Take a look!

NSK Staff Prop Bet Entries

 A member who ranked last year that will take the biggest jumpA member who ranked last year that will take the biggest dropTeam with the most members in top 16Team with the most members in top 32Team with the most members in top 48Team with the most members in top 64Number of SKE members in top 64Number of NMB members in top 64Number of HKT members in top 64Number of KKS in top 64How many members from the top 16 last year will not be in the top 16 this yearHow many members will cry during their election speechWho will be Ms. Irrelevant (member to rank 64th)Who will be the Undergirls centerThe member who will rank the highest without having been in their groups’ single(obviously no HKT members)
DaeYamamoto SayakaMiyazaki MihoTeam ATeam ATeam ATeam A12612230Kikuchi AyakaKitahara RieMitsumune Kaoru
DavidYamamoto SayakaIchikawa MioriTeam ATeam ATeam ATeam A11521242Chikano RinaKasai TomomiIwasa Misaki
AnthonyYamamoto SayakaNito MoenoTeam KTeam BTeam ATeam A12521340Nakaya SayakaYamamoto SayakaOba Mina
GarryYamamoto SayakaNakagawa HarukaTeam ATeam ATeam BTeam A10612247Iriyama AnnaKuramochi AsukaMitsumune Kaoru
TronSuda AkariNito MoenoTeam ATeam ATeam ATeam A14411248Ishida AnnaMinegishi MinamiHirajima Natsumi

Remeber, you still have until the 30th to submit your top 5 through our AKVegas page and also submit your top 32 ranking through our contact page to earn a chance to win a prize!

Prop bet #15 will not count because the way I phrased the question was a bit confusing. Go ahead and answer it but it will not count towards your actual entry.


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  1. >Hirajima Natsumi

    WTF Tron! XD

  2. Tron —> Nacchan… seriously?!

  3. Drako and Dave aren’t betting?

  4. Hirajima Natsumi…LOL

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