NSK Special Podcast: Morning Musume ’14 in NYC 2014

NSK Special Podcast: Morning Musume '14 in NYC

Recorded October 9th, 2014.

Opening and Ending song, “TIKI BUN by Morning Musume ’14”


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Special thanks to the guests, our friends from all over, the NSK community, JPH!P, bsgsbkhts, Selective Hearing, Nihongogo, Hello! Base, Morning Musume ’14, and all of you listening. We appreciate it!

Our epic weekend meetup in NYC culminated in the Morning Musume ’14 concert, but we also talk about:

  • Flight drama
  • Hotel drama
  • Hello! Party 4
    • The many Gregs
  • The concert itself
  • NYC food
  • Grievances
  • Best memories

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