NSK no Fantastical Radio 04.27.12

Recorded April 27th, 2012.


Welcome to the first recording of our experimental broadcast! Anthony and Tron host a couple of guests to discuss random idol discussion topics and read off some Top 5’s submitted by the listeners! Leave us feedback in the comments! Let us know what we can do better and what you’d like us to do on this show! This is an idol podcast you can produce!

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Send in discussion topics, questions, and your top 5 idol songs, top 5 idol groups, and top 5 idols through our contacts page with “Fantastical Radio” on the subject line.

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  1. bluedarkness12

    If you guys going to do this from now on, what day of the week are you going to do this bc you said you would take in callers, etc?

    • Since my schedule from week to week changes, I can’t set a specific date. I will let people know through twitter a couple of days before.

  2. hahahaha. I just think again and I did finish my list 5 songs and my list 5 idol
    I hope that some day I can be a guest of you guys and discuss about anything but now I’m in final exam times so maybe next week.

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