NSK in DC!

Be sure to say hi to any of the NSK guys while in D.C!

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  1. leaving on sunday night!

  2. I know this is last minute, but I’d like to see the following done.
    Having slight familiarity with Naruhodo HS, take a poster board with
    photos of the girls appearing at the Cherry Blossom Festival. Approach as many randoms as possible but commit to 100 at most per question or Topic.
    1. Which girl would make a great daughter-in-law? Why?
    2. Which girl looks like shes’ a messy(disorganized) person in private? Why?
    3. Which girl is envied by the other girls on the board? Why?
    4. Which girl looks like she can speak more than one language well? Why?

    Get all that on film and share the best parts with the 48s.

    Hows that for NSKTV?

    • Damn Reo, I wish I had seen your comment earlier. Those are great ideas and I’d love to do something like this.

  3. One of these kids will grow up to be the American version of Maeda Atsuko in the future American 48 group! haha, infect the kids with AKB48!!

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