NSK Horror Week!

Hello everyone! In the spirit of Fall and Halloween, we here at NSK have decided to embrace the Autumn theme and do a 10 day Horror themed Live cast over at our live page:

So along with our usual idol live programming and podcasts, expect Games, Movies, and Anime series that all fall into the Horror theme. Be sure to check on our twitter feed to find out the times we are broadcasting, and be sure to tell your friends! Let’s make it the best horror-filled Halloween Countdown ever!

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  1. My body is ready…

    … to crap my pants.

  2. -So I guess you guys are going to show that movie with a whole bunch of AKB members in it, “Uta Densen”? Idk if Dave wants to watch it since Maeda Atsuko dies in the first few mins of it.

    -For video games, F.E.A.R. is a decent horror FPS game. If anyone owns “Corpse Party” for the PC, its a pretty good indie survival horror game that could be played with viewers because you will consistently get stuck.

    -Another korean movie you can show is “The Host”

    -For anime, you can show “Another”, it came not too long ago and is about 12 eps and is pretty good

    -Perfect Blue is a great movie. There is a jdrama of it that currently started about 2 weeks ago but I have no idea how it is bc I hate the main actress in it

    -The momoclo movie is decent for what it is and it does feature Akari


      jk I already knew that happens. I even saw the clip on youtube lol.

      Is “Another” the anime that’s basically Final Destination? I have some interested in seeing that.

      • -Yeah it is kind of like Final Destination but its pretty well done. For a horror/thriller anime, I would say its one of the best ones to have been made in long time. There was also a live action film adaptation that came out in August but I have no clue how good it is.

        -Actually I just remember another good 12 ep anime you guys show. You can watch “Boogiepop Phantom”. Its a great horror/mystery series that is dark and deals with how our views of life changes when we grow up. Im pretty sure Dae would like it if he hasnt seen it. The only problem with it is that it can be a bit confusing at times but its well worth watching

  3. Fatal Frame. That is all.

  4. Perfect oppurtunity to show SKE’s “Gakkou no Kaidan”.

  5. LOL, blood-soaked Acchan needed. xD

  6. A good game for Horror Week is “Cry of Fear”. The jumps scares in that game are AWESOME!!

  7. Here’s another game suggestion. “Clock Tower” for SNES.

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