NSK Eats: The NSKandy Podcast

The long awaited sequel to the Enneggskay Podcast has finally arrived, and this time we’re talking about candy! Fruit candy vs chocolate candy, hard candy vs chewy, butterfingers vs candy corn, S-Tier candy and endangered candy— all this and much more in today’s podcast of NSKonfectionery.


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-Dae, aka Mizu -Writer, broadcaster, and podcaster on New School Kaidan

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  1. There should’ve been a pun included about Milky Ways

  2. My favorite flavors of fruit candy were orange and lime. My favorite chocolate type candy were Coffee Crisp, Reese’s peanut butter cups, wunderbar, white chocolate, Caramilk bars, mint Aero bars, and After Eight thin mints.

    I don’t see candy corn as seasonal because there’s a store in the mall that sells them regularly. Maybe that’s why I don’t like them very much. They don’t taste bad. But the scent is very strong and the colours look weird to me.

    I wrecked a few bowls trying to make smores in the microwave. Reese Puffs were okay, but never as good as the peanut butter cups. Butter Fingers were okay, but I think the Simpsons commercials overhyped them.

  3. Speak for yourselves. Des-LAW buys candy as he pleases, all the time.

  4. http://i.imgur.com/BQ4Ti.jpg
    Nestle Alpine White Chocolate Bars!

  5. M&M’s Crispy

  6. Dae pulls at my heartstrings when he talks about nutrageous

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