NSK Awards 2012 – Team S #3 Idol Group Category

Idol Group / General Category

Recorded January 26th, 2012.


NSK Overture


Dae’s Fairies – White Angel


The members of Team S; Dave, Garry and Yoshi sit down to discuss their winners for the 2012 NSK Awards: Idol Group Category.

Yoshi’s Twitter – @yoshi_nsk

Dave’s Twitter – @t3hdave

Garry’s Twitter – @mage77

Full list of awards below.

Best ImprovementPASSPONMB48Morning Musume
Biggest DisappointmentNogizaka46S/mileageNogizaka46
Best NewcomerParty RocketsStationStation
Most PotentialTeam ShachihokoSNH48Momoiro Clover Z
Best Move(Choreography)PASSPO - Next Flight jump/dive at the chorusManatsu no Sounds good! Mayu x Acchan trade off at 2:11NMB48 - Junjou U-19 (Human Archway)
Best TrendIdol Genre BendingBlu Ray ContentIdol groups embracing the internet
Worst TrendOnline/Digital PurchasingLack of G+ StreamsHigh number of graduations
Favorite MomentAKB48 in Washington D.C. AKB48 in Tokyo Dome 2012BiS - IDOL is DEAD Repetition
Idol Group of the YearMomoiro Clover ZNMB48BiS

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  1. Favorite Moment: Katayama Haruka sings Nakamori Akina’s Desire Jontesu at the first Divachan contest in AKBingo.

  2. I’m with Yoshi. I really like the tendency of idols exploring with more musical styles. Mixing typical idol music with other genres is a great way to create new and interesting songs.

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