NSK Awards 2012 – Research Students

Recorded December 15th, 2012.


Yubi Bouenkyou – Nogizaka46


Saraba, Itoshiki Monotachiyo – Momoiro Clover Z


Research students Malcolm, Chase and Kairi sit down with Yoshi to announce their picks for the End Of The Year Awards.

Malcolm’s Twitter – SleepyOta

Chase’s Twitter – Starlancerpg

Kairi’s Twitter – KairiNori

Yoshi’s Twitter – Yoshi_NSK


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  1. top5 A-sides
    1.Morning Musume – One・Two・Three / The Matenrou Show
    2.Mano Erina – DokiDoki Baby / Tasogare Kousaten
    3.AKB48 – Manatsu no Sounds Good
    4.SKE48 – Katamoi Finally
    5.Passpo – Wing

    honorable mentions
    6.Passpo – Natsuzora HANAB I
    7.Baby Metal – Headbanger
    8.Watanabe Mayu – Otona Jelly Beans
    9.Morning Musume – Renai Hunter
    10.Sashihara Rino – Ikuji Nashi Masquerade

    top5 b-sides
    1.Momoiro Clover Z – Push
    2.Watanabe Mayu – Zannen Shoujo
    3.AKB48 – Gugutasu no Sora
    4.AKB48 – Chodai Darling
    5.NMB48 – Saigo no Catharsis

    honorable mentions
    6.Watanabe Mayu – Sayonara no Hashi
    7.Not Yet – Guilty Love
    8.Yokoyama Yui – May
    9.Watanabe Miyuki – Waruki
    10.HKT48 – Hatsukoi Butterfly

    top5 PVs
    1. Manatsu no Sounds Good akb48
    2. Oteage Lullaby Takahashi Minami
    3. New Ship akb48
    4. Otona Jelly Beans Watanabe Mayu
    5. Papa wa Kirai – Takeuchi Mai

    honorable mentions
    6. Junjou Shugi – Isohara Kyoka
    7. Inochi no tsukaimichi – Tsuzuki Rika
    8. Te wo Tsunaginagara – Furuhata Nao
    9. Gomen ne Summer – Sato Mieko
    10. Ramune no Nomikata – Hata Sawako

    Best Album: 1830m by AKB48
    I think disc one is underrated. It has the preshow kenkyuusei songs that weren’t included in the stage albums, the b-sides from the theater editions of the singles, and the YM7 song.

    Guilty pleasure: Gingham Check(drama version)
    I like its Mayu centricness.

    catchiest song: Zannen Shoujo(Watanabe Mayu version)
    – a classic AKB48 song with more Mayuyu
    – It’s on Type C of Otona Jellybeans

    Best group: SKE48
    The 63 solo PVs was a great idea. I like hearing all the girls individual voices in their own PVs.

  2. My mic quality is impeccable.

  3. Delightful to listen to the Research Students’ first show! Some nice and unexpected picks.


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