NSK Awards 2011 Part 5 – Top 10 Singles

Recorded January 5th, 2012.

In the finale of the Second Annual NSK Idol Awards Yoshizumi joins Dae, Tron, and David for the
Top 10 Singles of the Year.

Wani to Shampoo – Momoiro Clover

Flower – Maeda Atsuko


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  1. Here’s my top10 singles for 2011

    1.Berryz Koubou: Ai no Dangan
    2.No3b: Kuchibiru Furesu
    3.French Kiss: Saisho no Mail
    4.AKB48: Ue Kara Mariko
    5.SKE48: Banzai Venus 6.French Kiss: If
    7.Not Yet: Shuumatsu not yet
    8.Akb48: Everyday Kachusha
    9.Not Yet: Naminori kakigori
    10.SKE48: Pareo wa Emerald

    honorable mention: C-ute: Momoiro Sparkling

  2. I know you want people to listen to the podcast, but it would be nice if you actually posted these lists somewhere. It would be a nice reference for those of us looking for new songs and talent.

  3. Yeah, we planned on posting it. I’m waiting to get the list from the other writers on the site. Should be up soon!

  4. I enjoy dropping by here and checking out the latest posts as far back as RockLiao’s blog, but I have a hard time following along. I know I am not already well into the demographic, which makes understanding the content difficult.

    There is a ‘Resources’ link at the top of the site. Why not add resources for people who are new to this form of entertainment? Maybe places where people can find this music, a regularly updated list of popular songs, and as Roddy said reference new talent. The language barrier is a issue that can stop people. List some sites that may help that via English lyrics, or even sources to pick up Japanese.

    I know that’s a big list of work, but making this content more accessible would improve site traffic. I hope that helps yal.

  5. Anthony’s singing reminds me of Peter Garrett from the band Midnight Oil, especially in at the beginning of the song “beds are buurning”.

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