NSK Awards 2011 Part 2 – Singles Categories

Recorded January 2nd, 2012.

Tron, Dae, and David continue with the second part of the awards show.
In Part 2 we detail the Best of Singles related Categories including…

-Best Newcomer Single
-Most Underwhelming/Disappointing Single
-Most Overlooked Single
-Best Cover Art
-Biggest Surprise
-Best Solo Single
-Best Album of the year
-Top 5 B-Sides

Roudou Sanka – Momoiro Clover Z


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  1. Top 5 B-sides
    1) Exile – Itsuka kitto…
    2) Itano Tomomi – Dark Side
    3) Itano Tomomi – Ai ni pierce (yes I consider it the bside of the
    4) Itano Tomomi – Come On
    5) A 6-way tie between Itano Tomomi – Stay by my Side, Itano Tomomi – Thank You, Itano Tomomi – TUNNEL, Itano Tomomi – Boku no Sei, Itano Tomomi – Don’t Miss It!, and Itano Tomomi – Tsuki no Inori

  2. Top 5 B-sides
    1.Buono – Juicy Heart : I bought Zassou no Uta because of it.
    2.AKB48 Team Mint – Kiss made 100 mile: I bought Sakura no ki ni Narou because of it.
    3. AKB48 – Kimi no Senaka
    4.Buono – Ice Mermaid
    5.AKB48 Team K – Zero-sum Taiyou

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