NSK 2D CLUB: AKB0048 Part I and II

I know ya’ll have been waiting for the debut of NSK’s 2D Club, so we’re starting it off with not one, but TWO episodes! The first part, which was totally NOT recorded over a month ago, is going to be a close look at the first two episodes of AKB0048, talking about instant impressions, story points, and characters.

The second episode is going to talk about the first half of the season as a whole(episodes 1-7), as well as new characters and plot developments that happened within that time. This is essentially a SPOILER-CAST folks, so if you haven’t been keeping up, you’ll want to listen to these later. Be sure to let us know what you think about this series as well!

2D Club Episode 01

2D Club Episode 02

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The 2D Club is brand new and still in development, so it’s open to lots of ideas as far as how to create content for the site. If you have any ideas, feel free to send them to us using the contact page at the top of the site, or just leaving a comment. Thanks!

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  1. +The first recording was definitely not recorded over a month ago. lol

    + Absolutely NO ONE in AKB48 is from 8th gen. None became a full member.
    + I nominate Mimori(Sumire’s character) as the next Kasai Tomomi or Watanabe Miyuki.
    +WHERE THE HELL IS EGUCHI AIMI?! Was she Mayuyu MK2? haha
    + DES is being funded by Sono Chieri’s Dad, right? So he probably requested to capture Chieri while destroying the group that took his baby girl lol
    + The last Acchan, Acchan the 5th, is one of the most beautiful anime character I ever seen…..
    +I saw a FRESH LEMON dude!!
    +Sashihara was not a center.
    + 0048 Wota are freaking awesome!!!
    + Makoto is more of a Sashihara-type than Orine.
    +The TKMN banana jacket made its appearance in the Orine Gotsz An Anti episode.
    +Linda aka Suzuko(Sawako’s character) is leaking shit on 2ch lol, that’s why she is always taking pictures
    + I think there will be a season 2, the last episode of this season having a humongous cliffhanger.
    + The current Miyazawa Sae is from the 75th gen (same as Kanata and Mimori). Her real name is Youko
    + I think the centers disappear kuz Sensei-Sensei eats them hahaha

  2. I think you guys are the only ppl who have said anything good about the series because everyone else who listen to about anime has not had a great opinion on it. I completely gave up on the show after the 3rd episode. I couldnt deal with this series. I will name the 4 big problems I had with it:

    -The animation of the girl is not pleasing to look at. The big problem I have with the design is that they standout way too much compare to the background characters and less important characters. I understand that in a show that the ppl that are important should stand out but with their designs, its too overwhelming where they stick out like an eyesore.

    -The story itself from what I have watched is average at best. It is nothing I have not seen before. I usually try to find at least one anime to watch a season if possible and if its nothing great, I usually loss interest in it like I did with this series. I am not expected some crazy storyline but at the same time, I dont need something that is very predictable. I am already dealing with the latest Gundam series which is a trainwreck and have already dropped that 2nd season of Eureka 7 and if I am not into those series, this show did not have much of a chance with me.

    -Kawamori Shoji is the guy that is making this anime. I have huge respect for the guy bc he has worked on some of the best shows/movies inside the Macross franchise. He is also the creator of Escaflowne which is probably in my top 5 anime of all time. So bc of this, I have high standards for him and he definitely dropped the ball on it with this show. I think if he wasnt behind it I would be more lenient with the show but bc I know of how great his past works, I will be a harsher critic about about AKB0048. If I give his past works like Escaflowne or Macross Plus a 5 out of 5, AKB0048 is getting like a 2 because this show doesnt measure to his previous works.

    -The biggest issue I have with the series is the objective of why it was made. Ok so its an anime about AKB48 and was made to capitalize on their success. It also has the job of attempting to make newer fans of the group and that is where I have the problem with it. I only seen the 1st 3 episode but from what I watched, I dont know how someone who wasnt a idol fan to begin with would even want to become one after watching it. It doesnt sell a casual anime fan on the idea that they should continue to follow AKB48 after finishing the series. I have seen plenty of reviews about the show or just seen posts on random places where anime is talked and I have rarely seen anyone one of these viewers talk about how they have become interested in AKB48 after watching the show. The show wasnt just created just for idol fans to watch but to also to capture ppl who werent in the fandom and I believe this show has dropped that ball.

    • I agree with your points to varying degrees except for the last one. They take measures so they don’t completely confuse viewers who don’t know the group, but looking at where the series is at this point, I would say that it’s primarily for people who already know and enjoy AKB (and will buy this anime because of it).

      I had no expectations for the anime to convert anime reviewers into fans, since most of them have already made their stance against candy-pop. I just see this as a safe side project with a purpose for giving members experience in occupations they aspire for, and as that, there isn’t much to dislike in my opinion P:

    • From your points it would appear that you are much more….intense in your anime fandom than any of us are so the fact that our opinion on the series differs to people with sky high standards for their anime probably makes sense.

  3. Isn’t Tsubasa Mariko’s alter ego?

  4. I think if they adapted akb49, the best part would def be akip

  5. In the 2nd podcast ~23:30 is that an aho crow I hear?

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