NSK 200 – The most interesting wota in the world

New School Kaidan Podcast

Recorded August 5th, 2014.

Opening and Ending graciously provided by DJ Amaya. Support him at bandcamp!




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Episode 200 is a special episode that bounces around discussion topics and nostalgia of being part of a community for 4 years. This is a maximum ketchup episode. Tune in next week for our regularly scheduled idol podcast. Also, Justin.tv shut down on this day, R.I.P. as we look for a new stream provider.

Topics covered:

  • Sexualization of BABYMETAL and comparison to Death Rabbits (link 2)
  • NSK Origins
  • Fondest memories of NSK
  • Q&A from the audience

About NSK

New School Kaidan is a community-focused website for the Japanese idol industry international fan base. Between podcasts, broadcasts, events, and analytic articles, New School Kaidan aims to bring an understanding of idol culture to the masses.

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  1. Nice episode! I thought the part where you discussed sexualization of idols was really interesting. Its such a complicated topic.

    As a girl, I inevitably question gravure, thinking “well, at 16 I sure as heck didn’t want to be photographed in a swimsuit”. Then I wonder if idols get much say when it comes to doing gravure shoots. Speaking for only the 48 groups, I know that when management wants to promote a younger girl, they often start by doing gravure spreads. Is that the best way to start off a girl’s career? Is it what she wants? Or is she doing it because management has told her that this will put her on the path to success? Its really complicated

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