NSK 144 – Too Soon?

Recorded May 2nd, 2013.


NSK Overture (intro only)


Borealis by Chase Lim


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News Discussion

  • Budokan shuffle


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  1. Yamamoto Hitomi graduating is sad to me. She was in my top 5 from NMB48. The girl is funny!

    Now, I will listen to the podcast…

  2. I liked the final word discussion about learning Japanese. Kind of disappointed that there was no sound board.

    Needs more sound board. =P

  3. I too was saddened by Yamamoto Hitomi’s graduation announcement. She has all the qualities I like in an idol.

    I liked the pv for Matsushita Yui’s Shooting star. The constellations remind me of Saint Seiya. The song reminds me of TM Revolution.

    I’m glad Takajo Aki and Miyazawa Sae will be in AKB48 again. I think Fresh Lemon will be a good addition to NMB48. I would have liked it if Ishida Anna had been kept in team B. But Furuhata Nao in team k sounds interesting.

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