NSK 126 – The End of the World Show

Recorded December 20th, 2012.


Watashi, Choito Kawaii Ura Banchou – S/mileage


Pedicure Day – No3b


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Iwasa Misaki “Moshimo Watashiga Sorani Sundeitara” full PV
Morning Musume “Help Me!!” covers
BiS cover of Dorothy Little Happy’s “Demo Sayonara” rehearsal video
Dorothy Little Happy’s cover of BiS’s “Nerve” rehearsal video
Dempagumi.inc “Fuyu e to Hashiri Dasu o!” PV



  • C-ute’s 20th single to be a cover of the Moritaka Chisato single titled “Kono Machi” and will be released on 6th March
  • Hello!Project members to feature as guest DJs on internet radio station Enjoy Network Japan starting on January 15th


  • Kasai Tomomi to graduate from AKB
  • Yu Ting er quits SNH48, stating “SNH48 is really a very “dark” group.  The Ace and the 16 senbatsu members have already been decided internally and there are many unspoken rules…….I feel like I am better off leaving this place and continuing my acting career”
  • Yokoyama Yui joins NMB48 Team N, N3 to happen sometime next year
  • Nogizaka46 “Seifuku no Mannequin” sells 190k first day and ranks #1 on Oricon daily chart
  • AKB48 wins “Artist of the Year”, “Top Pop Artist”, “Manatsu no Sounds Good” wins Hot 100 of 2012 and Hot Single Sales of the Year 2012 and Matsui Sakiko wins “Top Classical Album of the Year 2012” at the Billboard Japan Music Awards
  • SKE48 KKS, Ogino Risa takes a break from her SKE activities to help her family take care of her ill little sister. Expected to return at the end of April
  • AKB48 15th generation kenkyuusei auditions have opened. Applications close on January 6th and auditions will take place on the 19th
  • Nogizaka46 to hold auditions for 2nd generation members


  • Tokyo Girls’ Style to release 3rd album “Yakusoku” on January 30th, album will feature an english version of “Himawari to Hoshikuzu”
  • Afilia Saga East to add member Raymee Heavenly to the group
  • Afilia Saga East to release second album in April
  • Brand-new Idol Society’s Pour Lui to re-attempt 100km challenge on December 28th
  • Station to hold auditions for new members
  • Ebisu Muscats announce that they’re to disband in April


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