NSK 125 – Treasure Airiland

Recorded December 13th, 2012.


Shoujotachi yo – AKB48


Sakkaku – No3b


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  • Kasai Tomomi “Masaka” PV
  • Kasai Tomomi “Masaka” Covers
  • Morning Musume “Help me!!” Rip
  • Ebichu “Ume” covers
  • Denpagumi.inc “W.W.D” PV
  • Denpagumi.inc “W.W.D” Covers
  • No Sleeves “Kirigirisujin” Covers



  • Morning Musume to release their 52nd single titled “Help me!!” on 1/23
  • C-ute member Suzuki Airi to release “Perfect Book” titled “Airi-aL” on 12/27
  • Tasaki Asahi to make her debut as part of the “Satoyama Movement” with single “Tegami/Rolling Days”


  • AKB48 30th single to be released 2/20. It will be a Sakura song.
  • AKB48 “Eien Pressure” sells 1,073,499 copies first week, ranks #1 on Oricon weekly chart
  • Takajo Aki and Nakagawa Haruka’s JKT48 theater debut to take place on 12/26
  • Former AKB/SDN member Ohori Megumi is getting married next year
  • AKB48 nominated for World’s Best Group in the World Music Awards 2012
  • AKB48 “Kouhaku Uta Gassen” team line-ups announced
  • AKB48 sets Guinness world record for “most pop singers featured in a video game” with “AKB1/149 Renai Sousenkyo”
  • NMB48 KKS Sato Sorai to graduate to focus on studies. Team M member Hikawa Ayame to graduate due to injury.
  • SNH48 to hold first official performance on January 12th
  • SKE48 official history book “Mada, Yume no Tochuu” to be released on 12/21


  • Station to release new single “To・Ki・Do・Ki Crossing” on 2/13
  • Akihabara Backstage Pass to release second single “Yoropiku Pikuyoro” to be released on 01/30

Viewer Question

Akimoto Yasushi, on a special radio program, made predictions about certain Kami 7 members on where will they be in 10 years time:
He predicted that Shinoda Mariko and Kojima Haruna would still be members of AKB48, while Oshima Yuko would become an actress. He also stated that Takahashi Minami would “spend the rest of her working life with AKB, by becoming the GM”. He continues that she will gain recognition for her work, like Yomiuri Giants player-turned-Manager, Nagashima Shigeo-san.

I am curious as to what you guys think about what AKB48, on a member level, will look like. Please try to predict where you think some of your favorite 48 Family members will be in 10 years time.


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