NSK 117 – Da Kenji Code

Recorded October 18th, 2012.


Waratte! YOU – Morning Musume


Everyday Katchuusha – AKB48 (DJ Amaya Remix)


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NMB48 “Kitagawa Kenji” full PV
AKB48 “UZA” B-side, “Tsugi  no Season”
AKB48 UZA Team A B-side “Kodoku no Hoshizora”
Morning Musume “Wakuteka Take a Chance” PV (Oda Sakura ver.)
Smileage single “Samui Ne”
H!P Satoyama Movement single covers
Kikkawa Yuu “Vocalist?” covers
Passpo “One World” album covers + tracklist



  • SNH48 first generation line-up announced
  • Sashihara Rino’s “Ikujinashi Masquerade” sells 28k first day + 20k second day
  • AKB48 Unit Matsuri 2013 to take place on January 23rd + Request Hour 2013 on January 24th-27th, both in Tokyo Dome City Hall
  • AKB48 “Unreleased” stage recordings to finally be released early next year
  • AKB+Me 3DS game will feature the game original song titled, “Watashi ni Niteru”
  • Watanabe Miyuki and Yamamoto Sayaka to release first photobooks on November 21st. The person who sells more photobooks will get a solo CM.
  • NMB48 Team N member, Matsuda Shiori to graduate. Final theater performance will be October 24th.

Discussion Topic

Would team 4 still be around if they didn’t give Yokoyama Yui the early promotion?
Follow-up question.. now that team 4 and other newly promoted members are shuffled into the 3 main teams.. is this a move to fill the theater perf spots that are constantly vacant from senbatsu members?


The Final Word

NSK Horror Week
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Takamina Solo Début Project

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