NSK 115 – Welcome To The N.H.Dae.

Recorded October 4th, 2012.




Renai Hunter – Morning Musume


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BiS “ASH” special edit PV
Weather Girls “Koi no Tenki Yohou” PV



  • Wada Ayaka dances on stool


  • AKB48 Kitahara Rie to cohabit with 3 men and 2 women for reality TV show “Terrace House”
  • HKT48 Anai Chihiro to take break from activities due to surgery for eyelid cyst
  • NMB48 Team M member Fujita Runa and Ota Riona to graduate from NMB48. Fujita Runa will graduate to concentrate on recovering from back problems. Ota Riona will graduate to concentrate on studies.


  • Momoiro Clover Z to release new single “Saraba Itoshiki kanashimi tachiyo” on 11/21
  • babyraids to release second single in December
  • 13 girls pass auditions for Avex’s “Yankee Idol” group
  • BiS new image characters for Tenga

Viewer Question

Supposing AKB/other idol groups live on until you have children, and your children gets into idols, would you support them?



Oshimen Analysis

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  1. This podcast was probably brought to you by:
    Dr. Pepper Ten
    Papa Johns

  2. -I have known about the weather girls since around the time they started. A brief background about them:
    They are affiliated with NMA.TV (a youtube channel that makes animation about stuff that happens in the news). What the weather girls use to do (stopped months ago) is that every single day there would be a video of a specific girl and they would give you the weather around the US ( it used to be around the world but they stopped for some reason) and did it while being dressed up (each month there wass a new theme such as a boxer, an office lady, tennis players, etc). That is pretty much what they are about. Here is an example of what they do http://youtu.be/9fcVwc5F4d4.

    -With the Yankee idol group, are the girls chosen actually real troubled kids? Wouldn’t you loss “street cred” as a Yankee if you become a part of this group?

    -I remember in a show last year you guys talked about Beckii Cruel. Well she made some idol group called “Oishii! Project” and released a PV a few days ago http://youtu.be/18mCRMpuYZs. If you dont have enough to talk about the next show, that is something to talk about.

  3. HP! has done the stool thing before. Ogawa Makoto did some stool time when she injured her leg. The stool aspect to preserve her voice in the vocals without requiring dance moves past a certain point.

  4. o gawd, gonggi. blast from the past

  5. o gawd, welcome to the nsk. blast from the past. watched it when it was airing.

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