NSK 111 – Maeda Fatsuko

Recorded September 7th, 2012.


Aitai Aitai Aitai na – C-ute


Doremifa Onchi – AKB48


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Ketchup Please
Still jetlagged, slept all day, SSA came, guild wars 2 rerolled, dave and tron cast
Titanic on BluRay, Sexy Crew Cut

Kikkawa Yuu “Darling to Madonna” PV
Matsui Sakiko’s piano album “Kokyuu Suru Piano” Album covers
PASSPO’s new single “Wing” Covers
Ono Erena “Erenyan” Covers


S/mileage to release new single in November and a new album before the end of the year
Tsuji Nozomi announces pregnancy with third child (someone stop her)


AKB48 pachinko song, “Juuryoku Sympathy” to be released, September 12th online and September 8th in pachinko halls
SKE48 KKS Inuzuka Asana suspended for sending a personal e-mail that contains what looks to be a message to a boyfriend through the fan mailing system.
Ex-HKT48 member Komori Yui’s father accuses AKS of unfairly firing his daughter
NMB48 Team M member, Jo Eriko announces her graduation
NGZ46 Ito Nene fractures pinky toe
Gingham Check sells over 1.18 mil and tops Oricon weekly chart
Maeda Atsuko’s Google+ page will be closed at midnight, September 30th

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