NSK 110 – Shark On Ball Action and Knife Beatdowns

Recorded August 30th, 2012.


Go!Go! Here We Go! Rock Lee – Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku


Doremifa Onchi – AKB48(Next Girls)


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TGS “Bad Flower” PV
AKB48 Future Girls “Show Fight” PV
AKB48 Next Girls “Doremifa Onchi” PV
AKB48 Undergirls “Nante Bohemian” PV
AKB48 “Gingham Check” PV
SKE48 “Taikukan de Choushoku wo” B-side PV preview
SKE48 “Tori wa Aoi Sora no Gai wo Shiranai” B-side PV Preview
SKE48 “Kiss Datte Hidariki” PV
SKE48 “Kono Hi no Chime wo Wasurenai” covers


  • Ishida Ayumi & Kudo Haruka On Break From Morning Musume Activities Due To Injuries
  • Tsunku FC Event Announced
  • Morning Musume’s new single to be titled, “Wakuteka Take A Chance” and released October 10th


  • AKB48 to release 28th single “Kakkoii” on October 31st
  • AKB48 sells 906,617 copies on the first day
  • Nogizaka46 “Hashire Bicycle” sells 187k first week
  • SKE48 album to be titled, “Kono Hi no Chime wo Wasurenai”
  • SKE48 promotes, Kito Momona, Suga Nanako to Team S. Iguchi Shiori to Team KII. Uchiyama Mikoto, Saito Makiko, Furuhata Nao to Team E


  • LinQ to release first photobook
  • LinQ’s Asaka Sakai to release solo DVD
  • palet announce tracklist for debut release “Hello, palet”


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