NSK 108 – You Fight Each Others’ Balls

Recorded August 16th, 2012.

Opening: Hashire Bicycle – Nogizaka46

Ending: Renai Hunter – Morning Musume (DJ Amaya Remix)


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AKB48 “1830m” album
C-ute “Aitai Aitai Aitai na” PV
Orange Caramel Japanese Debut ‘Yasashii Akuma’ PV




  • New Sub-group Cat’s Eye 7


  • SKE48 10th single titled “Kiss datte Hidarikiki” + senbatsu announced
  • AKB48’s album 1830m sells 625k first day
  • NMB48 “Virginity” sell 315k first week. 60k down on Nagiichi
  • Sashihara Rino 2nd single titled “Ikujinashi Masquerade” set for fall release
  • HKT48 member Komori Yui accidentally(?) posts graduation announcement on Google+ + Potential scandal brewing, involving Sugamoto Yuko, Nakanishi Ayaka, Eto Sayaka and Taniguchi Airi
  • Matsui Sakiko solo piano album to be released October 3rd
  • Nogizaka46 celebrate 1st birthday on 21st August. Tweet messages to them using hashtag #n46_1year
  • Nogizaka46 to perform periodically at a theater at the Tokyo PARCO Theater. Start date to be announced later.
  • JKT48 to have own theater starting September 1st
  • JKT48 open 2nd generation registrations August 13th thru 31st
  • Muisc program “HEY!HEY!HEY” to have a live feed of Maeda Atsuko’s final theater show. No details on how much of the theater show will be shown.
  • Maeda Atsuko’s graduation song will be a b-side on “Gingham Check” titled, “Yume no Kawa”


  • BiS to release major label debut album “Idol is Dead” on October 24th. Features re-recordings of Nerve, My Ixxx, IDOL and primal with the current line-up.
  • Ono Erena to release 2nd single “Erenyan” on October 3rd + DVD/Blu-ray “Erepyon the Movie” on August 29th


Viewer Question
“Will Dave still consider Acchan an idol after her graduation. For the others: will you consider your oshimen an idol after she graduates?”


TFW (The Final Word)

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  1. Nutella, Peanut Butter, Strawberry Jam, Banana all in a Sandwich?! Eating Nutella with M&Ms?!


  2. I remember going to the PARCO Theater when I last time I went to Japan. OMG its so pretty, that Theater..

    Thinking of Sugamoto Yuko, I wonder if gravure idols are allowed to have “things” with boys.

  3. Nogizaka didn’t have a theater to perform in from the beginning
    NSK: “How are they suppose to rival AKB without a Theater?”(from a past podcast)

    Nogizaka “gets” a Theater
    NSK: “No difference between them and any 48 group.”

    . . .

  4. David is not the biggest Nogizaka fan, I am =P
    David is just the craziest Nogizaka fan/Ikoma Rina oshi lolsz

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