NSK 107 – Sign Language Kung-Fu

Recorded August 9th, 2012.

Opening: First Rabbit – AKB48

Ending: Mikan – Morning Musume


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Anthony’s Twitter –yoshizumitime
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Buono “Never gonna stop!” PV
Berryz Koubou “Loving You too Much” PV
Perfume “Spending All My Time” PV
C-ute – “Aitai Aitai Aitai na” HQ Covers




  • “Morning Musume Kyuukies & Juukies 1st official Photo Book” Announced
  • “Morning Musume Concert Tour 2012 Spring ~Ultra Smart~ Niigaki Risa & Mistui Aika Graduation Special” DVD And Blu-Ray


  • NMB48’s “Virginity” sells 269,386 copies on the first day
  • No Name’s “Kibou ni Tsuite” sells 46,598 copies in its first week
  • SKE48 Team S captain Hirata Rikako announces graduation
  • AKB48 cuts Amemiya Maika, Hasegawa Haruna, Kita Shiori, Moriyama Sakura, Watanabe Nene from 13th generation research student status
  • NMB48 3rd stage gets delayed again
  • NMB48 to release first photobook
  • New AKB dating sim for PSP and PSVita titled “AKB48 1/153: Renai Sousenkyo”


  • Momoiro Clover Christmas Live Announced
  • Passpo’s sister group palet announce first CD “Hello, palet”


Viewer Question
“I haven’t given you guys a questions in a while so here is something fun you can do. So within the spirit of the Olympics going on currently, I have something you can mess around with:

Using AKS and/or H!P groups, which idols would draft to be on a women’s basketball team and a women’s artistic gymnastics team (they do events like the vault, the balance bean, the uneven bars etc)? The only rule I will enforce is that you can not choose a girl to be on both teams. You are choosing a starting 5 for basketball and 5 girls for gymnastics.”


TFW (The Final Word)

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  1. Since seeing her in Dera SKE and Itte Koi 48, I thought Hirata Rikako would make a good reporter.

    ●Yoshishi, u adorable tiny angry Japanese man, you lol. “FOLLOW THE F*%KING RULES!”

    ●Fact: MONKEY PWNS ALL!!

    ●I would like to hear Dae’s comments on AKB Cooking Club’s skills on GachiGase :)

    ●Dae, Tr0n,*que music* GIVE ME FIVE! F%&k dessert! F&@k appetizers! Its all about the main dish when u go out to eat at a restaurant!! lol

    ●Tr0n, take taekwondo. I also did TKD back in middle and high school. Loved it. And, youre rich, so u can afford classes hehe

    ●Suzuki Airi….no matter what she does with her hair, she is gorgeous!( Д ) ゚ ゚ (I disagree with Tr0n in categorizing Airi as “cute”).
    ●Miyabi with black hair(・∀・)

    (Berryz Koubou)
    ●”Motion Sickness”? Pfff, u all are so weak.(ノ´∀`*)
    ●|д゚)Risako…That pinkish-blondish hair…. Lightning from FFXIII? But omg, please go back to black hair…
    ●NSK 1st gen hating on neon making a comeback? おっさんだぜぇww
    ●The view on Alcohol isn’t as sensitive in Japan as it is in America. A person not old enough to drink playing drunk doesn’t rage Japanese ppl out that much. Or maybe that’s just Kansai lol.

    ●(・∀・)This is the perfume that Perfume wears:

    ●I……do not like these covers at all 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。
    ●Strip walls and floors, Yoshi? You are daring lol
    ●Hagiwara Mai doesn’t look like an idol to Tr0n?? THEN THAT MEANS SHE MUST JOIN AKB!! HELL, MAKE THEM ALL JOIN hehe

  4. NEWS:

    ●This NMB Virginity joke is getting old lol. And don’t live in illusions that idols are pure (^ω^)
    ●FACT: Lack of handshake events tickets will slash sales.
    ●Next Team S captain? NAKANISHI F&#KING YUKA, son! And I am predicting a SKE Shuffle at Tokyo Dome, Day 1 or 2 (・∀・)
    ●My precious 13th gen…. five of them cut(ToT)
    ●Yoshi, I absolutely have no problem with Oshima Ryoka as center of Team 8. Ever since I first saw at the 6th anniversary stage, and she said “I want to be 13th gen ace”, I had a feeling she be a future front member with that passion. I think Kaoru will be in a “Shiraishi Mai situation”…
    ●I believe HKT will release a single this year.
    ●The PSP Vita is region-locked, isn’t it? So in order to play AKB 1/153, u need to buy a Japanese Vita, right? I predict Eguchi Aimi will be a secret character in the game.Why? Kuz she is the greatest troll in the idol world post-2000!

    ●You’re not a major idol group until you perform at Saitama Super Arena
    ●palet? Crush you’re sister group!

    Saeed-Yokota Erena should be the very first person named for gymnastics. She did gymnastics along with her sister (the one who went to the Olympics) before she joined AKB48.

    Here is an example of her flexibility at a Theater show:

  6. I laughed a little at first of the idea of putting Komori on the gymnast team, but then I remembered that on the next Gachichare it looks like shes gonna be doing a tight rope, in the preview it looked like she had got quite far.
    Having trouble thinking of who would be on the rest of the gymnast team. Can’t help but think about who shouldn’t be on the team but would be hilarious to watch.
    I think Hirata Rikako would fit the reporter role pretty well.


  7. In the past week I’ve been listening to NSK podcasts from 98 ~ 107, & I am really enjoying most of it, but to be honest in this podcast I’m kinda of disappointed because you talked about other stuffs more than Idols, which it bothers me, it is not like I want it to be 100% Idols, actually I enjoy your talk about games & other stuffs, but don’t make it take more than 20% of the podcast time.
    I wish if you guys give us a review about NMB48 single Virginity, rather than make fun of this beautiful single, talk in depth about each song in the single. & that’s apply to the other releases as well.
    I don’t know but I feel like you guys are tired of AKB48, because lately your enthusiasm about the group is getting low, I’m AKB48 fan, but I do venture around the others idols to see what good things they offer, there are good groups like MomoCloZ, Scandal & Morning Musume, but by the end of the day no group ever can come closer to AKB48 in terms of anything.

    But no matter how our opinions are different, but in the end I like you guys & I like your enthusiasm about idols, gaming & others stuffs.

    I want to ask Anthony other than Nakagawa Haruka, who are your others favorites ?

    • Don’t take our joking seriously. We’re good friends who just happen to have a certain sense of humor about stuff. We’re not out to sully an image or just be mean about it. It’s just how we talk. We’re never serious about our jokes.

      We did do a review of the “Virginity” single/PV. http://newschoolkaidan.com/impressions-virginity/
      The problem with trying to break down b-sides is that if we start doing that for every release, our podcasts would SIGNIFICANTLY longer and we just don’t have time for that as much as we’d love to work for the site full-time.

    • Favorites? Kuramochi, Takayanagi, Yagami, Yamamoto, in AKS.

    • Hey there, thanks for being a trooper and listening to so many shows! We appreciate it! I do admit that our sections like Ketchup tend to take a ton of time, and for a while we’ve been trying to figure out how to cut it down while still keeping the podcast unique to us. I guess it’s a long time tradition of NSK to go on tangents and talk about our non-idol lives. Thanks for the feedback though, I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

  8. I’m going to give dae 3 untoasted cheese sandwiches

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