NSK 106 – Gundam Meck

Recorded August 2nd, 2012.

Opening: Aisaretai no ni – Morning Musume

Ending: Fui ni – Itano Tomomi(DJ Amaya remix)


Smileage-”Sukiyo, Junjou Hankouki.” full PV + covers
NO NAME “Kibou ni Tsuite” PV
AKB48 “Gingham Check” covers


New Hello project website
Kikkawa Yuu to visit France and Belgium
Iikubo Haruna changes to the yellow color.


SKE Releasing First Album on same day as 10th single
Otona Jellybeans sells 87,993 first week
AKB to let fans vote for their favorite song to receive a PV
SKE to have their own theater
Number of SNH48 applications causes website crash
Yasusu x Komuro Testuya collab for a AKB single
AKB48’s “Gingham Check” PV to be directed by famed music video director, Joseph Kahn


Fairies Tweet Dream/Sparkle sells 20,981 first week
Momoiro Clover Z to get new TV show “UFI’s Incomplete TV

Discussion Topic
What themed idol groups would you want to come into existence?

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