NSK 105 – Who Did Make A Bride Fall?

Recorded July 26th, 2012.


Kimi no Koto ga Sukidakara – AKB48(Undergirls)


Puri Puri Summer Kiss – Super Girls


Nogizaka46 “Hashire! Bicycle” covers
Passpo Natsuzora HANABI PV
Tsugunaga Momoko “Momochi! YurushiteNyan♡Taisou” PV
NMB48 Shirogumi PV Preview “Bokurano Regatta”
NMB48 Akagumi PV Preview “Sonzai Shitenaimono”
NMB48 Namba Teppou Tai PV Preview “Sunahama de Pistol”


  • Mano Erina to graduate from Hello!Project
  • Hello!Project creates two new sub-units
  • Sayashi Riho 2nd PB Announced, Titled “un deux trois”


  • Aki-P announces “study abroad” program
  • Watanabe Mayu “Otona Jelly Beans” sells 38k first day
  • Yonezawa Rumi opens new official blog


  • BiS to hold auditions for new members
  • BiS “PPCC” sells 2,290 first week/holds 24 Hour event
  • Avex open auditions for “yankee idol group”

Viewer Question

What do you think the effect of visuals on idol music, mainly PVs, how it effects the popularity of the music and the longevity.  The music of the 60s and 70s had no videos, and the 80s were extremely popular and still are, but the 60s and 70s music isn’t, so what is the effect on idol music.


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  1. 1コメダ!!!!

    Shanghai and SNH48. I sense a very potentiality large market for this sister group. A member going overseas to this group could really benefit from this.

    A member I think would definitely benefit from this is Maeda Ami. A mid-to-low tier member in AKB, but gets treated like a freaking rockstar in China. She has the looks to appeal to the media, she can do modeling as well while she is there(which is her dream. And in China, what better opportunity!!).. Besides language barrier, I see no cons with Maeda Ami going to SNH48.

  2. I think Dae has the ability to turn Super Saiyan if you guys get him on Star Craft!!!!! His power will go over nine thousand!!!!!!!!

  3. So, who DID make a bride fall?

    I was so lost as to what that meant until I saw the PV.

    KonKonRules gets it!

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