NSK 100 – Beer Buds

Recorded June 14th, 2012.


Sore Demo Sukidayo –  Sashihara Rino


Hatsukoi Hills – Sashihara Rino


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Ketchup Please


Morning Musume’s ‘Matenro Show’ Radio Rip and Covers
9ine’s ‘Ryuu no Kuchizuke’ PV
Dorothy Little Happy’s ‘Tobidase! Summertime’ PV preview and covers
Afilia Saga East “Kindan Muteki no Darlin” PV
Momoiro Clover Z “Otome Sensou” PV
Alice Juban “Natsu Dane” PV
SNSD’s ‘Paparazzi’ PV


  • Kikkawa You Appearance At Anime Weekend In Atlanta
  • StylipS 3rd Single Announced, Titled “Choose me♡Darling”



Viewer Question

Hey NSK,

I am back again to give you guys another fun question this week. So the other day I was watching an ep of “Game Center CX” and Arino Shinya ( one of the co host of SKE’s “Itte koi 48) was playing a game called “Yuu Yu No Quiz De Go! Go!”. It is basically one of those early 90’s quiz game but this one features Iwai Yukiko, an Onyanko Club member.  So my question is if you could create a game that features idols, what kind of game would it be? (It can be an RPG, platformer, puzzler, etc except you can not choose a dating sim type game).
I have 2 examples:
– A fighting game that is revolved around Majisuka Gakuen. It would play either like a Melty Blood/Gulty Gear with aerial combos or play like King of Fighters with the picking of 3 ppl on a team since there are a lot of members

-Some type of platforming adventure game with the Yasai Sisters theme (each vegetable/fruit gives a specific power) where you are member that ranked below 12th and have to fight your way to be #1.


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  1. Aside from my casual Idol fandom, I’ve been returning to a weekly table top gaming with friends – enjoying the classics, such as RISK, Monopoly, Life, and the New classics such as, Small World, Settlers, and 7 Wonders. If those games didn’t sit right for the night, we’d reset to large Magic:The Gathering game. Its a fun exit from monitors and TV.

    With all that premise, I’d been playing/writing/designing/conceptualizing an Idol-based game.
    The premise (something that’s been mentioned multiple times across most fan-based forums and podcasts), Aki-P declares a National Reset across all 48-Families.
    And challenges YOU the player(s) to build a Team (of 16 idols), build a Stage (10Songs + 3Events), and/or Rank Up the Elections Tracker.
    The winner is declared by measure of ‘game-coinage’ accumulated.

    This is a card-based game with a board (of some sort). A library of cards is shared amongst all players. There’ll be Idol Cards, Song Cards, Event Cards, and Push Cards. Most Cards has a Promotion Cost; meeting the Costs of a card means the Player has either ‘Promoted’ an Idol card from their hand as an Active Idol on their Team, OR ‘funded’ the cost of a Song card into their Stage. Some cards may have requirements in addition to its costs, ranging from No of Active Idols, Losing an Active Idol, Specific Idol or Song, or Discarding specific type(s) of Cards.
    Event Cards range from MC Events, Handshake Events, Idol Interrupted Cards, Janken Events, LOD/Live Event, and More!

    If you’re familiar with Land cards from M:TG, Active Songs in your Stage list may act similar to it and provide you with coinage. This may be best way to earn coins to spend towards promoting your cards or actions.

    This is just a basic and incomplete summation of my 20% efforts in a work week. Game ON!(?)

  2. MMO Idol Tycoon game.
    Or a card game like Cards Against Humanity but with idols.

  3. As an idol fan from Atlanta, a HUGE section of the podcast made my skin crawl. You guys really miss the point of the South and Southerners.

    Also, Anime Weekend Atlanta is a pretty large convention and has been having concerts of music stars from Japan for years now. Can’t say I recall an idol group before (mostly voice actresses who also sing), but it seemed inevitable.

    Maybe you guys can actually visit Hotlanta long enough to get a better (and more informed) opinion of us.

    • I want to clarify that most statements made during our tangents are completely in jest(especially ones that involve the south because Tron is… well… anyway), but really, sorry for any skin crawling caused by our podcast.
      We really don’t hold regions to misinformed stereotypes, but we do tend to make tasteless jokes about them :)

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