NSK 098 – General Liao’s Idol Buffet

Recorded May 31st, 2012.


Yeah! Meccha Holiday –  Sashihara Rino


La La Love Train – PASSPO


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Ketchup Please
The Raid
Guam Confession Vids

Momoiro Clover Z “PUSH” PV
Morning Musume “One Two Three” LQ rip
Maeda Atsuko “Kimi wa Bokuda” PV
Super Girls “Puri Puri Summer Kissu” PV

Buono! Invited To Perform At Nippon Budokan Alongside Other Idol Groups
Niigaki Risa will star in a movie called Tobidase Shinsengumi!

AKB48 – “Manatsu no Sounds Good” sells 1.61 million copies in first week
Not yet’s “Suika Baby” sells 58,113 and Watari Rouka Hashiritai 7’s “Shounen yo Uso wo Tsuke” sells 38,033 first day
NMB48 5th single release date August 8th
NMB48 research student Okita Ayaka promoted to Team M
NMB48 announce 6 prefecture tour starting July 18th in Shiga and then ending on August 21st in Osaka
NMB48’s Team M member Murakami Ayaka’s past personal webpage surfaces (Osaka Stop on trip)

Discussion Topic
Using What You Got

Viewer Question
Do you think that AKS did all the releases this month (combined with the election and Acchan’s graduation) because they expect this to be the peak of AKB’s success?? – Steven

Final Word
Election Poster Contest

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  1. – I want to see how many votes total will be used in the elections so I can figure out how many sales of single were brought without the intentions of voting. Last elections, you had roughly 700, 750k worth of votes and the single went on to sell around 1.52 mil. I want to see how much of Japan is just buying the single other than voting. I think people also forget about that with this Senbatsu, there are 9 different ways to vote so that means when all the votes are counted, a good portion is due to something else besides buying the single to vote. If that is the case, most of Japan are probably buying Manatsu no Sounds Good bc they either like the song or just bc they want to feel cool.

    -The amount of singles AKS has released these pass few weeks is pretty ridiculous. It is pretty evident that it was not planned bc one thing a company never wants to do is oversaturate the market with their own product. I hope they just dont this again bc graduations are going to pop up more often the next year or 2.

  2. Shinsengumi were the private police force of Kyoto. They were only around from like 1863-67ish, right before the Boshin War. The war which was depicted in movies like the last samurai..


  3. If you need to show David Watanabe Miyuki’s body… is make him watch Nagiichi’s Dance version PV.

    She looks so soft and she is “genetically gifted”. Miyuki is perfection…

  4. That guy that’s in the Lotte advertisement together with Momoclo is Yuto Nagatomo (a footballer that plays for Inter Milan).

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