NSK 097 – ABC Ho’

Recorded May 24th, 2012.


Manatsu no Sounds Good – AKB48


Gugutasu no Sora – AKB48(Google+ Senbatsu)


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Ketchup Please
Games – Men in Black
Season Finale

ABCHO – “Me wo Tojite Gyusshiyo” Preview
AKB48 – “Mitsu no Namida” full PV
AKB48 – “Choudai Darling” full PV
AKB48 – “Gugutasu no Sora” full PV
AKB48 – “Manatsu no Sounds Good!” PV (Dance ver.)
Not yet – “May” (Yokoyama Yui solo) radio
Not yet – “Guilty Love” (written by Kitahara Rie) radio rip
French Kiss – “Rainy day” b-side preview
PASSPO “Next Flight” PV Preview
PASSPO – “Next Flight” covers





Discussion Topic
AKB48 preliminary  senbatsu election results

Make bets on the AKB48 Election and earn a chance to win a prize!

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  1. I dub this year’s elections: Election Wars Episode IV: A New Hope(選挙ウォーズ エピソード4 新たなる希望) lololol

  2. Matsui Rena has a dog named Ruby.

    Sashihara loves dogs and wants one bad, most likely she said she’d get a pug. She was put off from pets because her grandparents had a dog that terrified her when she was younger, but now she finds dogs cute and she loves them more than anything.

    Watanabe Miyuki is amazing and perfection. Did you see her cute smile in Manatsu? Stole the video.

    People will never understand the hard life of us DD.. we want oshimen more than anything, but we’re forced to walk the earth with too much love in our hearts.

  3. They are changing H!P Time to H!P Life and I doubt it’ll be any different. :C
    I really do wish they would do something to get the members out there better.

  4. I loved the dream discussion!

    NSK is a great podcast, guys. Thanks for the effort and info!

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