NSK 096 – 270 Degree Turn on AKB

Recorded May 17th, 2012.


Aishiteraburu – SKE48


Aun no Kiss – SKE48(Shirogumi)


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Ketchup Please

Waruki – Working Out – Aki-P Lyrical Genius (Zenbu Mote)

NMB Live on KAYOU-KYOKU in BIKINIS (Yamamoto Destroys the World) (Skirt Bottoms)

Saigo no Catharsis – Robotic/Free Form


Not yet – “Suika Baby” PV FULL PV

Not yet – “Suika Baby” covers [A] [B] [C] [D]

AKB48 Google Plus senbatsu “Gugutasu no Sora” PV Preview

AKB48 “Gugutasu no Sora” radio rip

AKB48 “Manatsu no Sounds Good” Type A b-side “Choudai, Darling” radio rip

AKB48 “Manatsu no Sounds Good” Type B b-side “Mittsu no Namida” radio rip

Senbatsu election posters revealed

Momoiro Clover Z-”Mite Mite Kocchicchi” Pokemon Ending song. B-side for new single






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Viewer Question

Dear NSK,

This time I have a fun question that I am sure it hasnt been asked yet. If you had a chance to be apart of any Team in the AKS family, Which team would you want to be on and what kind of personality/role would you want to have on that team?

Some examples are:

-Being a leader/captain and keeping everything under control (eg:Takahashi/Sayaka)

-Being a center/face for a Team (eg:Maeda/Yuko/Jurina)

-Being a outgoing person and acting trolly on shows (eg:Minegishi/Shimada)

-Being an airhead/unatheletic/clumsy (Kojima/Sashihara)

-Being a person who is very very awkward and nerdy (Sawako)



Election Day 2012 Details

AKVegas: Chance to win a prize by betting on the AKB election!

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  1. Suika Baby does seem a bit generic. But really liking Yokoyama Yui’s voice in it. Speaking of Yuihan. She’s gonna have a solo song on type C. That’s the one I want.

    I like Saigo no Catharis more than Boku ga Mou Sukoshi Daitan Nara because of Yamamoto Sayaka’s solo lines at the beginning.

    David said something about Everyday Kachusha eternally resonating across young love and how Dave can’t have favorite idol song without a Acchan centre. I’d say Nagisa no Cherry has young love, a lot of Maeda Atsuko, and a summery feel to it. So, it would be a perfect summer song if not best Idol song for a Acchan oshi like Dave.

    I’m more interesting in the Ikoma Rina solo song than Guuzen wo Iiwake ni Shite. But I’m still interested in the members from that song.

  2. I like the Manatsu no Sounds Good pv. The war zone scene looks like it could be a prelude to AKB0048.

    Anthony, I don’t know if your joking. But I’ve seen enough MMA fights to know the results are much more varied than you might think. Bob Sapp isn’t the best fighter judge the entire sport on. His greatest accomplishment in MMA was almost beating Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in 2002. If you were serious, I suggest you watch a current UFC or Bellator card or at least read a play by play. Things have changed since the open weight days.

  3. After AKB48 achieves a Tokyo Dome concert, I wonder if Yasusu will aim for the regional sister groups to perform in the biggest Dome in their respective region:
    +HKT perform in The Yahoo Dome
    +SKE perform in The Nagoya Dome
    + NMB perform in the place where the Hashin Tigers play at (idk the name of the stadium lol )

  4. Impressions:
    +I hope you guys are aware that the lyrics of “Warukii” has subliminal messages. It’s inspiring “out of shape” wota to work out. So when Plan NWO48 comes into play, Yasusu will write “Warukii 2” to make all ripped wota to be foot soliders in his army to take over the planet lmaooooo

    +They performed Manatsu no Sounds good! on AKBINGO.
    +When David is in a corner, he gets desperate. Lol, Katyusha the best song? He’s such a comedian xD
    +The JOYSOUNDS karaoke systems should carry Nogizaka46’s B-sides.

    +Not yet will do whatever they want. Don’t be hating lol
    +Anthony is a Champagne nerd lol
    +When it comes to Suika Baby, Yoshishi is the Fun Police <_<
    +The Hangover: Not yet Version lol
    + Anthony, Anthony, Anthony, Oshima Yuko design the SUIKA BABY logo lol
    +Oshima Yuko is legal to consume alcohol
    +Digesting a CD robot lol. I want to shake Davis's hand

    +Ishida Haruka is a Fisher.
    +Anthony SHITTING OUT THE TRUTH BOMBS!!!! I remember when a Japanese company had a monkey play as Barack Obama in a CM, and boy it's got intentional shit for it.
    +Force Tr0n to watch movies. Tie him up

    +Kato Rena & Shimazaki Haruka!
    +Dave does a lot of mysterious shit in college o.O
    +The A and B side of this AKB single will look great being performed at Tokyo Dome :)

    +I'd buy Mitsumune's poster♬♪(^。^)

    +Mitsui Aika is gonna get a solo debut, u fools lolsz
    +Kobayashi is gonna get A TV show, hooked up by Yasusu kuz he loves his old gen girls, u fools lolsz
    +Punch Mano Erena in the fa~~ce♪
    +So, collectively, all of NMB's singles have reached the 1 million mark, right? Wonder if they broke a record for fastest female idol group to collectively sell more than a million copies of all their singles….
    +I can see SKE and NMB beat Arashi in the future. And Arashi is releasing another single next month, WTF….
    +I wonder what BIG announcement we will endure at the last day of the Tokyo Dome concert. Kuz there's always a big announcement at Dome concerts haha. JKT48's Nozawa Rena will "transfer" to AKB48's Team A lol
    +The singles covers for "Kimi wa Boku da" are awesome. Look at the ceiling, water is leaking from the top floor and forming a pocket through the white paint Hahahaha. The bathroom is flooded with water from the top floor haha
    +It's Joshi Camera, not Shoujo Camera, Yoshishi

    Discussion Topic:
    +I understand what David is saying about Kinoshita Momoka. Her high view count is gonna help her. Not in the elections, but more people will pay attention to her or notice her when she is onscreen on TV. People will be looking out for her when NMB is present somewhere. (talking about ppl who didn't know of her existence before these appeal vids)

  5. Chinese woman is nothing compare to Japanese woman. They has the strong i both way ( dark and good side ). They are cute, beauty and so sexy. Chinese and Koran and even in Europe can’t get the kawaii figure like Japanese woman

  6. bluedarkness12

    I dont understand why ppl are worried about Momoclo changing their sound because their song is going to be a part of anime. There has been a number of idols groups that have their songs featured in an anime and it did not change their sound:
    – No3b had “Answer” that was apart of Beelzebub.
    – Berryz gave “Maji Bomber” to “Inazuma 11”.
    – Momclo gave “Mirae Bowl” to the anime Dragon Crisis
    These are just some examples of idol groups giving songs to anime and after they did, they didnt change their overall sound.

  7. White Chicks is an alright movie. Terry Crews is hilarious.

  8. I don’t think Namida no Seesaw Game is racially insensitive. It’s just the undergirls set in a time where fros were more common, especially among African Americans.

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