NSK 093 – WTF C-ute Sales?!?!

Recorded April 26th, 2012.

Oide Shampoo Nogizaka46

Yeah! Meccha Holiday – Sashihara Rino Version


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Ketchup Please
2D-club/Sailor Moon Series
Power Rangers
Big Wind Up!
Nakaya Sayaka Novel

SKE48 “Aishiteraburu” PV
SKE48 B-side “Aun no Kiss” PV
SKE48 B-side “Nante Ginga wa Akaruinodarou” PV
SKE48 “Aishiteraburu” covers
Tokyo Girls’ Style  “Tsuioku” PV




  • Mano Erina, Yajima Maimi, Suzuki Airi & Okai Chisato To Star In A New Stage Play Titled “Theatre In The Round”
  • Kitahara Sayaka’s 4th Single Released, Titled “Natsu ga Yattekuru”
  • Tanaka Reina, Morning Musume 9th & 10th Generation Members To Star In A New Stage Play Titled “Stacey’s Shoujo Saisatsu Kageki”T
  • C-ute’s new single Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku sells 40,060 first week ((da fuck)) ranked #3 in weekly oricon charts





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Ex-AKB Members Speak Out

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Advantages of Being An Idols Brother?


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  1. bluedarkness12

    I think there are 2 other reason why Itano’s single did not sell as much as her last 2 singles (it selling almost 73,000) in the first week.

    -The type of song it is probably affected sales. In the past couple of months or so, slow ballad-esque pop/r&b songs are not selling well at all. The only female artist who sold a good amount with a song similar to it was Boa back in December. Besides that, those songs are not doing that well on the charts.

    -The other reason is that SMAP released a single and that’s a Johnny’s group that Itano can not compete with.

  2. What’s wrong with you guys?! You talking about Amuro Namie like she’s like some no name starving artist. Mispronouncing her name and stuff. She’s like a national treasure. smh

  3. えぇッ?Sailor Moon?!

  4. David is prb going to end up like those parents on toddlers and tiaras

  5. About the costumes thing, yeah they probably never get washed. I dabbled briefly in dance in college for a Chinese cultural arts type of show. Since we had to wear traditional performance costumes, they tended to be delicate and complicated. These costumes never got washed, because if you did, they would fall apart! The same should go for the AKB costumes. Remember the documentary special on NHK where they showed how the costumes are made by a few women in a small room? Those stones are individually glued on. No way in hell are you putting those in a washing machine. And of course the costumes smelled. You see how much the girls sweat even when they’re not doing very intense moves. There’s no helping it.

    The disgruntled girls just sound spoiled, because you’re right, it doesn’t make sense to change into a costume that another girl just wore. The clothing will be worn multiple times by multiple people and they’re going to absorb sweat and odor. That;s just a fact of theater and performing arts life.

    Good comment by David in terms of parenting. Sure, none of us are parents, but we’ve all been kids raised by parents. Giving someone the tools to make intelligent decisions is what I think is the best approach. I have a friend who told me that he would rather be a guide for his child, rather than to try and protect and control the child constantly. It’s a fact of life that you learn from your mistakes.

    About the girl with the boyfriend and cat story though. I can understand David’s feelings in that regard. I would just disagree with the outcome. No, she will not feel like you’re a much nicer guy than her boyfriend. No, she will not be attracted to you. She will just see you as the really good friend who will help you. Then she will continue to complain to you about her crappy boyfriend.

    True story.

    Good cast, nice discussion. Thanks as always.

  6. JKT48 will have it’s first “theater” live of sorts.

    I’m so happy for this!

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