NSK 089 – Back From D.C.

Recorded March 28th, 2012.

Susume – Station

Answer – No3b/DJ AMAYA REMIX


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Ketchup Please
Washington DC & AKB48

Washington DC & AKB48



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  • Maeda Atsuko Announces Graduation
  • AKB48 to perform at Tokyo Dome
  • 4th senbatsu election to be held June 6th at Nippon Budokan
  • Matsui Jurina to Team K, Watanabe Miyuki to Team B
  • Team 4 adds Kato Rena, Kawaei Rina, Iwata Karen, Tano Yuka and Takahashi Juri
  • Team 8 announced
  • AKB48 new single “Manatsu no Sounds Good!” to be released May 23rd
  • SKE48 new single to be released May 16th
  • Watarirouka Hashiritai 7’s “Shounen yo Uso wo Tsuke!” to be released May 30th
  • NMB48’s new single is titled “Nagiichi”
  • Mitsumune Kaoru gets first acting role in the drama “ATARU”
  • Itano Tomomi rumored to be in a relationship with Takahiro from EXILE(tabloid)
  • Nogizaka46 to get a new tv show titled, “Nogizaka Roman” airs April 2nd


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Discussion Topic

Viewer Question
What IF Shinoda Mariko Went to HKT

The Final Word
Show Notes

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  1. You gotta post that Tron Facebook pic. lol, sounds funny.
    Speakin of pics, where’s the one we all took at the end of the concert? =o

    Good show, as usual. I agree with all the talkin points.. great community, fujie reina stunning, etc.

  2. “Good show as usual”, like I’m done.. only an hour in.

  3. +Anthony, Next AKB in USA live, please wear a suit like Yasusu lol
    +American AKB fans: we spread to joy and love around. Kuz we’re awesome!!
    +Hmm, David prays for a AKB tennis club just to see sum thighs lolsz xD
    +Tr0n is a Tr0ll lolsz
    +m(_ _)m Sorry guys, my family got in the way. So couldnt stick around after the show orz
    +Obama please get reelected and bring Yasusu to the White House. The next step towards #nWo48
    +I saw Tr0n’s ‘Gish Face in AKB’s recorded stream of the live lol.

    +Gatas Brilhantes HP is back?! No Yossie, no Mikitty, no Tsuji, no Konkon… I dont want this then lol
    +Acchan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meU3OjbsX4w&list=UUxjXU89x6owat9dA8Z-bzdw&feature=plcp
    +David, u DID say u have backup marriage plans. I remember, too!!!!! David prepare for ur graduation lol
    +Damn, Yasusu got yelled at by advertising companies and sponsers kuz they wasnt notified.
    +Day 3 announcements was suppose to be the Jurina-Milky transfer, but happen on Day 2 kuz of the double-encore, right?
    +The Savior will save us from Acchan’s graduation. The Savior=Mitsumune trollolol
    +I wonder where Nogizaka stands in the post-Acchan era of AKB, hmm…..
    +I would love to see Teams release singles in AKB, once a year. Compete to see which team will sell more.
    +lolsz, MM’s Riho become center of AKB
    +If Satou Natsuki doesnt make the the Top 64….wow….
    +For the sake of cross-promotion, how about JKT’s Nozawa Rena and (S)Ayana(?) to AKB? Both are originally from Japan, so language barrier there
    +Who will replace Maeda Atsuko in Team A if no shuffle occurs?! hehehe
    +The very moment Team 8 is complete, I sense a Team A K B 4 8 shuffle coming.
    +The tabloid was bogus

  4. Promoting Amaya awesome Remixes by having them the Ending song for the podcast is a great idea! Now I can’T get Answer out my head lol

  5. Thanks for meeting up. I lost track of all the voices but one of you is a fan of Moochy so, if you didn’t already you can check out her weird responses to the interview.


    You guys should make stickers rather than business cards. We could have stuck it all up the alley we were waiting in.. perhaps have reinforced those shitty balconys.

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