NSK 086 – Mariko Shepard vs. Ikoma Vader

Recorded March 8th, 2012.

Kataomoi FINALLY – SKE48




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Ketchup Please
Mass Effect 3 – [Mariko Shepard] [Elle Shepard] [Ellie Shepard] NMB – Complete BOOK 2012
Matsui Rena Goldfish

HKT Performance on AKBingo
AKB x JKT Event





Discussion Topic
Dubstep Musume?

Viewer Question
Ikoma Rina Not Worthy to Be the Center of Nogizaka46

The Final Word

Show Notes


Matt Hardy – Kibou Samyaku


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  1. Hmm, in my opinion, I like to see Sony and Yasusu experiment with the center positions for Nogizaka46 to see who will or won’t work. But I’m afraid I’m not crazy 4 Ikoma-chan being center. Inoue, Ikuta, or the most popular Shiraishi. But the theme of the song they sing has to match the center. And Ikuta, like Maeda Atsuko, seems like she can fit any song Yasusu writes for them. Idolish, kawaii, kokkoii, etc. This upcoming Nogizakatte Doko will show the new centers for the next single, loling forward to it.

    And, Mariko Shepard? ふざけんじゃねえよ お前!!!!!! <_<

  2. When I told David I’m half Japanese, he stop talking to me.

    Racist! Lmao

  3. Fact: Momoiro Clover Z and AKB48 are both under King Records

  4. I bet Tron would like to have that zombie dream Dave had but instead of body slamming a zombie Maeda, Tron would like to do it to a zombie Sawako

  5. I had a idol dream about AKB taking lessons from America Best Dance Crew’s champs, The Jabbawockeez and Quest Crew and We Are Heroes. To challenge themselves to bring in a lil bit of the 3 styles of those groups and mold it together for their upcoming kokkoii single.

    When I have idol dreams, I’m not usually in it. It’s more of dream collaborations and AKB picking up new and unexpecting challenges to further flip the world upsidedown. It’s kuz in my heart, I believe they can do just about ANYTHING.

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