NSK 084 – Tugging on a Wota’s Shirt

Recorded February 23rd, 2012.

Guru Guru Curtain – Nogizaka46

Nogizaka no Uta – Nogizaka46


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Ketchup Please
House Cleaning & Trash Cans
Pack Ratting
Clothes Shopping

Baby Metal’s ‘Ii-ne!’ PV
Super Girl’s ‘Everybody Jump!!’ PV
AKB48 – New Ship




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  • “Morning Musume Concert Tour 2012 Haru ~Ultra Smart~” Concert Setlist Released



  • m-flo – SQUARE ONE
  • Asian Kung-Fu Generation Single
  • Morita Suzuka PB

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The Final Word

Night of Fire PV

Dopamine PV – m-flo Loves EMYLI & Diggy-Mo

Jewel Kiss


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  1. Anthony knows Emyli???? Im pretty jealous of him now. I may just drop Tron as my Oshimen and pick up Anthony now. Emyli is one of my favorite female jpop artist even though she hasnt released anything recently. Why doesnt Anthony do a interview with her about her thoughts about idols and the idol industry for the website?

    Don’t pay attention to the numbers they give online for the measurements of breast sizes for the idols. They are pretty wrong. I tried to get a friend of mine to figure out if the measurements are similar to what the show on PVs and such and she was telling me that the measurements didnt add up to what they were showing in the PVs.

    Tron forget to tell you guys about the Kitahara Sayaka single that was released last week and the 1st day sales (which are probably non-existent).

    • Yeah, I know her. That would be an interesting thing to do. I just wonder how well she’ll take the fact that I’m an idol fan. She might be creeped out by it. She is an artist so I could see her hating idols in general.

      • It may be a possibility that she may not like idols but I think it would be good to get a perspective from an actual artist in Japan about how they feel about it. I mean she cant completely hate it if she is writing for Kpop acts like “Kara” and “Rainbow” who are groups that are not vocally great . It is also possible for her to hook you up with interviews with idols possibly, or someone else famous over there in Japan. You should just ask and see what happens

        • Yeah, I can definitely give it a try. I just don’t want to weird her out for being an idol fan. Because I will eventually have a video up for the site claiming my oshimen and that could get awkward for her.

  2. I haven’t watched all of the Baby Metal PV yet but I’m liking what I’ve heard of the song so far.
    Out of Hitsujikai no Tabi and New ship I prefer New ship’s PV a lot more but as for the actual songs I like Hitsujikai no Tabi more.
    And SKE, I think it would be interesting to see them have an election and I’m a little surprised we still haven’t seen one for them. However I feel like if they were ever to hold an election then they would have done it by now, but I don’t know, maybe it will happen sometime in the future.

  3. You can’t just assume that Babymetal is just pretending to be death metal. That’s a pretty uneducated assumption. And hey, btw, I’m pretty sure they learned how to harness the power of darkness over these past 5 months. It’s pretty documented that they learned how to worship satan for this PV.

  4. Just listened to Baby Metal for the first time …. um … wow

  5. Random but, I can’t get the REFORM out my head. I don’t believe the Special Girls was just it. REFORM could effect SKE as well, be it election or shuffle..

  6. So David, Dae, and Tr0n are Team N of NSK, right

    When will Cheng, Anthony, and Garry be promoted to Team S?


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