NSK 083 – Breakin’ Rules

Recorded February 16th, 2012.

New Ship – AKB48

Pedicure Day – no3b

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Ketchup Please
Valentines Day Happening’s [David’s Valentine’s Picture]
David’s Momen no Handkerchief [Ota Hiromi] [Shiina Ringo] [ikimono-gakari] [Lyrics]
Tron’s Date
Dae’s Date
Anthony & Yagami Kumi
NSK Valentine’s Tradition & Twitter Icon [1] [2] [3] [4]

DiVA  ‘Lost The Way’ Preview
Sashihara Rino ‘Sore Demo Suki da yo’ Performance
AKB48 – Give Me Five! Full PV [Short]
SDN48 ‘Makeoshimi Congratulation’ Preview
TGS ‘Rock You!’ Full PV
Nogizaka46 – Aittakatta Kamoshirenai Full PV [Dual Version]





Discussion Topic
AKB Playing Instruments

Viewer Question
The Importance of the ONE RULE (MiddleIn)

Idol Stock


The Final Word

Kevin Federline Commercial

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  1. David is officially awesome with his taking pictures of himself crying and crying all balled up in the shower…hilarious.

    Also with all the Sashihara talk, here is a video of Sahi meeting Dream Morning Musume.


  2. Isn’t it ironic how Tron couldn’t say the question with using Oota Aika’s name about her having a boyfriend but Tron himself goes on a date on valentine’s day when a girl?

  3. I’m a horrible person. Forgive me.

  4. It’s real awesome how in NSK podcasts, you don’t just listen and learn about idols, but also life in general.

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