NSK 081 – Literally Skirt Hirari

Recorded February 2nd, 2012.

Pinocchio Gun – SKE48

Uso no Tenbin – NMB48



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Ketchup Please
Dave Stays up Playing Persona
NMB48 is FINE!
Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures
Tron & David’s Stage: Who was actually there?

Watanabe Mayu PV
Sashihara Rino Song
Guru Guru Curtain?
Girl’s Generation on Letterman



  • Murakami Sara in Gekidan Her Best
  • S/mileage will be starring in a new horror movie titled “Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro ・Igyou”



Discussion Topic
When will there be another Collaboration?

Viewer Question

Idol Stock

The Final Word


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  1. A better analogy than Kobe Bryant: Tiger Woods…

  2. Thanks for the podcast!
    First of all I gotta say, idols in horror movies, I think they maybe getting better. I watched the horror movie where Suzuki Mariya plays the main character recently and went into it with low expectations, ended up being surprised because I thought it was actually kinda good. But seeing a good horror film with idols in it is a rare thing and saying they are getting better after seeing one good one probably isn’t very smart lol.
    Also I’m not sure if this old news or not but it looks like Ota Aika will be playing a part in “Love Police” the trailers here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-YTUrdy6Xw (it’s not a horror film thank god).

    Even though Iwasa Misaki isn’t a super popular member in AKB, I was hoping(/wishing) she was gonna sell a load more. I hope she continues doing the solo thing, grab some more peoples attention and starts selling more in the future.

    I hadn’t heard about the threats on NMB and SKE until listening to this….some people are crazy.
    It would be great to see another (and more) idol collaborations again sometime. I got thinking about who I might want to see do a collaboration together and the two I thought might be pretty interesting together were MomoIro Clover and Kamen Rider Girls.
    After reading the community article by Darren I wanna see more of Kamen Rider Girls and I think MomoIro Clover would suit them. And MomoIro Clover is an idol group that even though I don’t know too much about them, they definitely stand out to me and I’ve been liking almost everything I see of them.

  3. I wouldn’t get Nick SNSDs American special release lol It’s still just the Korean album and is in Korean. They are supposedly doing an English album in the Summer/Fall or something. And SNSD (along with After School) are definitely the highest level dancing kpop girl groups. They always murder it in the dance battles.

  4. baby blossom x babymetal

  5. It’s funny that you guys started talking about idol group collaborations because lately I’ve been thinking about the possibility of AKS buying/acquiring Hello Project or Up Front altogether. Sort of like companies often buy struggling companies and use their brand name. I think it would be a great move for everyone involved…AKS would acquire the groups that started the large girl groups and be able to use their infrastructure to rebuild them and Hello Project wold be bailed out of their downward spiral. Can you imagine the HP girls being added to the election? I’m drooling over the idoly goodness and all the possible subgroups.

  6. The ending song’s awesome. I’m gonna have to buy Oh my God Type C at some point.

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