NSK 075 – Hold On, Pause the Show

Recorded December 15th, 2011.

Although we had some Audio problems, here’s the show backed up with all sorts of mishaps.




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Ketchup Please
Idol Dreams
My Mail Chime
Matsui Rena Self Camera

Mano Erina – Doki Doki Baby PV
JKT48 & Heavy Rotation
Nogizakatte Doko?
Shining Butterfly PV



  • S/mileage Theater?
  • Kikkawa Yuu Album



  • Koda Kumi Marriage
  • Yazawa and Fonchi to Graduate

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Mita Mao & Watanabe Miyuki Voice Dub

13th Gen Aitakatta (with Mitsumune Kaoru)

Complete AKB Anime Names and Faces

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  1. Wow is it show number 75 already?! It feels like just a week ago was show 六十九 haha….

    I had a idol dream before, Takamina was my older sister (even though in realty, I’m a year older), Ariyoshi (the comedian) was my cold-hearted dad, and 夢MM’s Nakazawa Yuko was my over protective mother. The setting is when we was 15 (look at a pic of takamina either when she was auditioning for OgiPro or when AKB just formed. The black hair, adult looking face). Unfortunately, I forgot most of it since it was while ago, but just wanted to mention it hehe….

    U paused the podcast?! lmaoooooo… Ya-Sa-i ♪

    G+ is better kuz it’s the future, man lol.

    Mano Erina is too old to be acting cute?! David…..*face palm* . Idol punching lol….

    Speaking of Punk, AkiP needs to form a new unit: a AKB-sub unit band.

    +JKT is awesome! Did u see them at Kouhaku?! Link to their handshake event performance of Heavy Rotation: http://www.hello-online.org/index.php?/topic/22316-jkt48/page__view__findpost__p__1462533
    +English-Indonesian-Japanese is the languages they will be singing.

    +Nogizaka46!!!! Yeah, CD debut!!!! Sandwiched between AKB releases! Lolsz
    +The recent episode, cooking challenge is hands down best one so far.
    +Is it a matter of time until comedian manzai duos Ninety-Nine and Tunnels will be guest? I hope so…
    + Ikoma is the most pushed, but she isn’t the set center of the group. Ppl I talked to say that AkiP think of Ikuta Erika as the Maeda Atsuko-aura of Nogizaka46 but won’t put her as center kuz it would be copying AKB, but I think it’s a matter of time.
    +Wakatsuki Yumi,ahhhh. Her “friend” is a jealous bitch…. Anthony, my Japanese isn’t exactly on ur level but on the official website, they suspended her activities kuz of the scandal. Correct me if I’m wrong: http://www.nogizaka46.com/r20111211.html

    +I need to hear more of Shining Butterfly to form an opinion, but the story of the PV I’m excited about. Ichikawa’s man is unknowingly caught cheating and she about kick some ass lolsz.

    +Tsunku 3 year plan, hurry and start the next stage in the plan kuz I’m getting bored with u and management…..
    +Kikkawa Yuuuuuuuu. Best thing in UFA. And she’s in Sony Music?! *cough, Nogizaka46 snatch her up, cough*

    +I’m not interested in the anime. Unless it’s an action anime with cool animations.
    + AKB Kouhaku was awesomeeeee !!!! Won’t spoil anymore than what I already said above, except for 13th gen KKS Mitsumune Kaoru. I will spoil the crap out of her in my idol stock lolsz.
    +I don’t trust Aamin with u, David lolsz o_O
    +Seishun is NOT in the title, thank God. The title is: Watashi to Sakura to sotsugyou, soshite anata e. AkiP, stop copying Tsunku with the long ass titles!
    + Mitsumune Kaoru is the next front member! My 13th gen favs member, future Team 4 center *cough* …. Asian Kung Fu Generation and Maximum the Hormone?! An idol that doesn’t fit the stereotype idol mold?! 大 RAnk up!!!! Sorry I’m very Genki today lol
    +Anthony, this site?: http://akb48matome.com/

    +Please stop cutting the show. It got annoying….. This podcast should had been named Everyone loves Rena 2….. David is it ok, if viewers send in discussion topic ideas?

    +I’m feeling really bad for Tr0n, but I perfectly understand his crisis. Do what u feel is right, bro.
    +Question: When/If u have children, and by chance they get into idols, what would u do in that situation? Just curious……
    +Akip will make sure AKB becomes AKB-CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mistumune Kaoru. For this video. Looking at the date, its new but the event she model at was the same event and venue DiVA was announced wayyyyyyy back in beginning of the year. Push her to the front, AkiP !

  2. As we can all relate with Trons current dilemma, I’ll have to confess that I am (or have been) at a near-similar wall. In particular its the damned ISX; producing a back-end to automate price changes confounds me as a non-programmer.
    During personal discussions with then possible partners, we agreed that any Idol credited to an album or single release would see price changes (+/-ive) in addition to stock activity (selling stocks would -ively affect the stock, buying would affect +ive gains). Each of your ‘buy all stocks’ would get limited to 10K Held. (or Shorted)
    Why sell an idol stock? People get disenfranchised/disinterested in a particular idol(group).
    Why Short an idol stock? When you foresee other traders sell the same stock. Shorting a stock that sees -ive gains (or traders selling off Held stock) would produce +ive stock value for you. The opposite is true if the stock sees +ive gains (traders buying Held stock) which would produce -ive stock value.
    Would it reflect their DD-ness? not directly I suppose.

    In any case, to summate – ISX is yellow-lit indef.
    the Math behind it boggles me.
    the Science of Idols is pure Chemistry.

    Back to Trons dilemma, if Idol Music is an interest you’ll find a means, or method, to enjoy it. NSK, IntlWota, Takamaruyo, Sayunii, and various forums are proof of it.

    You Guys bring the Idols out. Cheers!

  3. What happened to Tron may be the same thing that happened to me, I made the huge mistake of downloading and watching Alo Hello 5 and now I want to put a pistol in my mouth so I don’t have to live with the memory of that terrible DVD. I’m a huge hello project fan and even I couldn’t stand that terrible DVD…it takes a huge amount of incompetence to make a DVD full of cute girls in bathing suits so boring that you want to off yourself. Maybe Tron saw what they did to Niigaki’s hair and just couldn’t take it any more.

    Also I’m looking forward to the idol inspired music your band will come up with, you should call your first single “Doki Doki no Seishun”.

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