NSK 074 – Everybody Loves Rena

Recorded December 9th, 2011.

Mai-mai joins the group to talk about Mini Skirts, Post Uman, Ashida Mana, and Matsui Rena’s Popularity.


Saisho no Mail – French Kiss

Liar – Tokyo Girls Style
Roudou Sanka – Momoiro Clover


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Ketchup Please
Introduction to Anthony Yoshi Mai-Mai

Smileage’s ‘Please Miniskirt Postwoman!’ PV
Ue Kara Mariko B-side PVs:
-Rinjin wa Kizutsukunai
-Zero-sum Taiyou
-Yobisute Fantasy
-Noel no Yoru
AKB48 and Google+



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  • NMB48 members out of suspension
  • Ue Kara Mariko first day sales
  • French Kiss first week sales
  • Iwasa Misaki debut enka single
  • AKB48 anime audition update
  • NMB48 third single announcement
  • AKB Fanclub


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Discussion Topic
Matsui Rena’s Popular

Viewer Question
The Future of AKB… Ashida Mana?

Idol Stock

The Final Word

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  1. +When I think about a NSK member putting his coat over a puddle to let the ‘Gish walk over it, that would be Tr0n lolsz

    +It’s been a week and I still haven’t got into the song(S/mileage). It didn’t leave a good impression to begin with, so I wasn’t enthusiastic to like it. But I did enjoy the PV.
    +If the other S/mileage members leave, I see the remaining members getting absorbed into another group like Morning Musume.
    +I think Rena is the “nice and neat” character. According to the AKBINGO episode: Shojiki Shougi Rena vs Jurina…
    +Ota Aika is most definitely the tsundere character in AKB, in my opinion.
    +Ehh? I loved the Robot move from Ue Kara Mariko! Jairating!!
    +Soundbiting GahFaceTwitter lolsz
    +Akip has so many strengths, its crazy. His only flaw his that he is a mortal lolsz. But I have so much respect for AkiP.

    +As for H!O, I admit as a loyal user, not much facts in the H!P section. I pretty much only stay in the AKB section. Trying make H!O a source of AKB information for lurkers.

    +Before the PuriKura incident, many fans were predicting Shimada Rena as a potential Team M Captain. At least here in the west.
    +I want future Janken tournaments. And the center should get a song written about their AKB character. That be awesome.
    +YES! Wasamin deserves a big push. My prediction is that she will enter the top 40 next year. I really hope management promote her well.
    +HKT’s Aanya is in the anime? Kool! Look out for her: the Genki character of HKT thats half Russian (she speaks it too).
    +NMB, Wasamin, SKE, and AKB’s release dates. Pay attention, be aware, your wallet will soon he raped o_O

    +Any member who wasn’t as popular at first then gets a big break, like Rena or Sashihara, she deserves it. I like to see this more often in AKB48.
    +Also don’t forget HKT48, and all yet-to-be-made In-Japan 48 idols groups. At least one member from all of AKB’s sister groups will either be in the Senbatsu or an UnderGirl. Even as a UnderGirl, u push one more girl into the back of UnderGirls. Soon, except the Kami7, every member of the Senbatsu may possibly not be an AKB48 member. And that’s a realistic possibility.
    +If Ono Erena was still in AKB, I doubt Oku would had left. The Terrible 4 would still be intact: Miyazaki-Ono-Oku-Ota …….
    +Not every heavyweight of AKB has the image to portray the face of AKB.

    Thanks for bringing my viewer question on the show!

    +Ikuta Erika has the biggest potential to be center from Nogizaka46, if the group fused to AKB48 in post-Acchan era. AkiP thinks she’s has a aura similar to Acchan but won’t put her as the definite center of Nogizaka46 kuz it would be COPYING AKB.

    +Iwasa Misaki. Continuing from last week. I’m so proud of her getting her opportunity to sing enka solo. Only 16 years old. Inexperienced but potential.
    + Watanabe Mayu. I’m highly anticipating her starring role in the drama she gonna be in.
    +And I don’t have a prepared 3rd pick, so I will go with something safe and secure: Miyazawa Sae.

  2. No impressions on Mano Erina’s Doki Doki Baby PV? D: I’ve steadily lost interest in her throughout the year, but after seeing this PV, it reinvigorates my adoration for her. I think it’s the best PV I’ve seen from her so far. This is the cutest she’s ever been and the song itself is pretty damn catchy. I’d really like to hear what you guys think about it.

  3. This is actually a pretty slow time for H!P fandom, not a great deal is happening at the moment.

    One thing worth discussing for a future podcast is that Dream Morning Musume is releasing its first original single on 2/15/12 (Shining Butterfly). It will be interesting to see how DMM co-exists with regular MM, and whether it will eclipse MM in popularity, at least in the short term.

    Also, Sayu and Reina are going to be starring in a new NTV drama called Suugaku Joushia Gakuen. It’s apparently following AKBingo on Wed. nights. This is, to my knowledge, the first time these two have acted in a j-drama of any kind. So maybe UFA is finally promoting again.

    And Nakazawa Yuko is finally getting married.

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