NSK 073 – Producer Talk

Recorded December 1st, 2011.

Back after a surprise week off, NSK talks about plenty of movies, the AKB Documentary, The Seibu Concert, and have a discussion about how they would produce certain groups.

Santa-san – Momoiro Clover

Last Train – French Kiss
My Way ~Joshikou Hanamichi~ – Morning Musume


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Ketchup Please
A Bunch of Movies
To Be Continued Shipped
Dave’s Going to Japan
Oki Doki Dance

To Be Continued – Documentary Impressions
AKB Seibu Dome ‘Yoshi Ikuzo!’ Concert
Kikkawa Yuu’s ‘Konna Watashi de Yokkatara’ preview
Smileage’s ‘Please Minisuka Postwoman!’ dance video



  • Takahashi Ai’s New Stage Play


  • AKB48 Anime releases more info
  • AKB members star in Ultraman Movie (Team U)
  • Fan Votes to Get NMB Members Out of Suspension
  • HKT48’s Debut Performance
  • Maeda Atsuko Award
  • SKE48’s Request Hour Results
  • SKE’s New Single Kataomoi FINALLY


  • Super Girls New Album

Discussion Topic
Pre-Show Discussion

Viewer Question
Producer Brainstorm

Idol Stock

The Final Word

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  1. Thanks for the podcast, it was good.
    I think on one of the recent Nobunaga episode’s that Kitahara Rie is on where she briefly mentions stuff about how “fans” would show up to handshake events and say mean things. I hadn’t watched her janken video properly until a little while back so I was pretty surprised to find out some fans were like that towards her, but it’s nice that she keeps a positive attitude and tries to ignore those things.

    And the viewer question about Nogizaka46 being AKB’s rivals. This idea may be a little silly/unrealistic but I think if they were to reveal their 1st single by maybe showing up to an AKB theater performance and surprising the fans by performing it (and because Nogizaka are super rivals with their super amazing single all the people in the theater are stunned by the greatness of it all and Nogizaka becomes big). But seriously, I’m not sure how Nogizaka could try to compete with AKB, maybe in time.

    And the Eguchi Aimi question? No real ideas at all, Akimoto probably has a plan or everyone might forget about it and move on. However it is strange that she is still listed on the AKB site.

    I’m one click away from watching the the horror movie with Ota Aika.

  2. Aidol already acknowledged the screwup after someone pointed it out to them on Everyday48

  3. My “I will never look at Kitahara the same way again” moment was at around 2:07-2:08 of the Choose Me! PV, where she did that little nod/tilt-to-the-side-while-singing thing which was just beautiful. That won me over.

  4. I wanna mention that everytime u guys do the live podcast, 2 days later some big AKB news comes out lol.

    + To Be Continued… as a fan, I loved it. I grown even more respect I had for the girls, even the ones who weren’t interviewed. Itano I also didn’t know much about, so her interview I enjoyed.
    Yokohama has gotten a big rank up for me. I didn’t know why exactly she was being pushed so much even though she comes from the same generation as most of Team 4, but I realize how much she deserves that. I also learned the respect Mariko has for Yui. Mariko isn’t the type of person to easily give out compliments or give full respect to others, so if she approves, I approve as well.
    The competition and unity within the original Team K was something to fight back tears at. I started to become a AKB fan early this year, and still studying their history, so seeing the original Team K passion to not lose to Team A was fantastic. Where as the first gen is important, When second gen is added to an idol group, I think the life of the group is heavily weighted on them primarily. If they fail or half ass, u can’t see the group as a whole growing much, unless an ace is added as a quick 2.5 gen as damage control. For ppl like Kasai, Miyazawa, Oshima, and Sayaka and others in the Team, I grown even more respect for them.
    But what I took most from this documentary is Takamina. The most important member to keep the group on its toes. I only knew her variety show character, but being the leader: strict and honest and serious and supportive and passionate… I was speechless. Honestly speechless. The among of effort she puts into AKB is something to deeply bow ur head at. No one deserves more to called the de facto Leader. . And to see the front members support her 100% like Acchan and Mariko and Oshima etc, made me respect the media Senbatsu members even more. To people who talk crap about AKB or don’t take them serious, should watch this and the Millimeter documentary.

    +It’s gonna take me awhile to like S/mileage new single. For some reason I’m not finding it catchy. I can’t wait for a preview of MM single of next year, give me kyuukies (cookies)and juukies(junkies)!

    + Thanks for reading my viewer questions on the show!
    Prank War! Lolsz
    I agree that they need to get ppl to take them seriously and be looked as a entity that can stand toe to toe against AKB. Not just be the Sprite to AKB (Coca Cola Company).
    *Nogizaka46 will NOT get their own theater. They will perform their “stages” in concert halls around the country. That was at least the part of the blueprints of the group before audition.
    I’m curious and anxious as to what AkiP will do with this group.

    +My friend think of Aimi as a monster. With that in mind, AKB has created a handful of monsters this year: the Kaze wa Fuiteiru Beaver, The NMB pedo-rabbit, and the pedo-bear in the Team B MV. Just pointing it out. I’m thinking of a AKB RPG lolsz….
    If AKS hires a development team to animate all of Eguchi Aimi’s animations, she could do advertisements that AKB wouldn’t be able to do. Well, there is a lot they can do with her, I think. She could be the center of all digital works AKB does. Be funny if she end up in Final Fantasy XIII-2 par se Oshima Yuko lolsz. SHE is the “body” afterall. Hire Square Enix, AkiP haha….
    But seriously, I can imagine alottttttt that AKS can do with Aimi-chan.

    + If Nogizaka46 became Team 8, I will flip. The world doesn’t make sense anymore lolsz. I can see AkiP doing it though, but then Sony would get screwed by that. Sony came to AkiP asking for a idol group to rival AKB.

    +More KKS for NSK is awesome. Seeing the staff grow and grow and grow, just makes the site more awesome. What brought me to NSK in the first place was the AKBINGO idol digest. I haven’t seen them in a while on the site, so seeing the KKS take that up now is really cool.

    +I love idol stock(fest) d(^_^)v:
    1) Iwasa Misaki! Finally, Finally she getting her well deserved Enka solo duet! Her voice is amazing and ever since becoming an AKB fan, wanted to see her go solo, even though she isn’t as popular as Itano or Acchan. I’m most definitely getting her Limited Edition single, that comes out in February!
    2) Ikuta Erika of Nogizaka46. Have u seen her pro-level piano skills?! After watching the Nogizaka46 Convention 2011 event, I was blown away. I hope AkiP uses her piano talent in a song. The group has a lot of talent. Which leads me to…..
    3) Kawamura Mahiro of Nogizaka46. On Nogizakatte Doko, she was the center on the Dance Skills Check of ep.09. And during the Nogizaka46 Convention 2011 event, she blew me away with her singing. Her talents could force her way into the group’s 7 Goddess(Kami7). I can see her, after the group gets more established years later, getting a solo debut.

    Link to Nogizaka46 Convention 2011 event:

    Most of the girls in the event, their names are translated, but just in case, use this “guide”:

  5. Monkeyto x TehDave…

    in Tokyo…

    Lock up your idols, we, are, men.

  6. Before you crown Kimoto Kanon the cutest girl in the 48 family. I think you should consider Nakamata Shiori.

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