NSK 072 – Too Old for Santa

Recorded November 18th, 2011.

Research member Dave sits in with the gang to talk about Santa, Brand New Idol Society, and the survivability of Idols.

Koi wo Kataru Shinjin ni Narenakute – SKE48

Maji Bomber!! – Berryz Kobo
Lie – No3b
Coconatsu – Momoiro Clover


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Ketchup Please
Fujie Reina Sound Effects
Kashiwagi At the Team 4 Kagoshima
Minegishi and Kasai birthdays (15 & 16)
Dae Plays Games

Momoiro Clover Z – Santa-san PV
Brand-new Idol Society – Primal PV
4minute Ready Go PV



  • Berryz Koubou in NJ
  • Buono! in Paris
  • KERA Magazine
  • Mano Erina in non-horror film


  • Pera Pera Perao Releases
  • Ogi Matsuri – No3b announcement
  • Oba Mina’s Comeback
  • AKB48 Documentary U.S. Distribution
  • HKT Stage
  • NMB to be Sold?

Discussion Topic
Point of View in songs
Okada’s Job

Viewer Question
Idol Survivability

Idol Stock

The Final Word

If you’re interested, take a look at this teaser for a documentary about Starcraft 2. I think it’s a perfect video for giving a small peek at the competitive SC2 scene. – Dave



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  1. Note that no3b single and SDN48 single are going to be released on the same day.

    Oba Mina apology, although I know why this planned “surprise” appearance happened, I think she will benefit from this. Forgiving fans may oshi her up. I know on previous podcast u guys discussed when idols are suspended, they miss out on opprotunities, and that can effect her career, but for her case, I don’t think it will be put a choke on her career. I think she and Team 4 are on such a rise that this won’t faze her. Oba Mina I think will get pushed.

    Heavy Rotation each other lolsz…. David is really sensitive and dramatic sometimes Hahahaha

    I didn’t see the live broadcast but I’m guessing the Sayunee kindergarten pic is from last week Naniwa Nadeshiko? Yamamoto has a mature look to herself (que the promotional photo of Kaze wa Fuiteiru), so When I saw it, it was kinda disturbing but funny lol.

    Speaking of nice theater, HKT48 HAS A FREAKING CATWALK!! Lol

    I feel bad for those “gross” comedians…not really, I’m cold hearted o_O. But speaking of Kuro-chan from Yasuda Dai Circus (the ball fat guy with the feminine voice who was the MC of Itte Koi and was on AKBINGO in the AKB vs SKE kizuna battle), I saw the latest 2 hour special of Akan Keisatsu (it’s on the tracker) and showed him drunk with a hidden camera around, looked very sad and pathetic about how his life is, at least that’s what I got from it. I kinda feel bad for him, until he did the TanoShingo Leg Victory gag lol… But I want to see more of “gross” comedians on Nogizakatte Doko. I wanna see Shiraishi Mai reaction lolsz….

    Idol survivability hmm, Oshima, Shinoda, Takamina, Minegishi, and Akimoto come to mind for AKB. MCs, Acttress, Entertainer, Popular Talento, Fashion Magizine Editor-in-Cheif, Model, fashion designer, own a fashion brand. Oshima and Shinoda I have no doubts in whatsoever. Yuko has a freaking kimono fashion brand! I’m a lil worried about Acchan but her agency will make sure she has a luxurious life after AKB, job-wise, hopefully, I pray for it. After graduation, AKS should keep her in the AKS family as a soloist/actress, but not treat her like the H!P Elder Club. Just keep pushing her as an entity next to AKB48, maybe the group won’t suffer as much…. I’m closely observing SDN to see who has survivialbility . AKS, give Nachu a MC gig for a new 48 group show!!!

    Even if MM was hot shyt right now, with the years of service Love-chan has had. Things maybeeee wouldnt change for her, but I’m just basing this on UFA crappy management history with the H!P idols and alumni. But she deserves whatever she wants from UFA. Become Love-chan’s bytch, UFA! Lol

    Ota Aika, I can see her on a variety show with Becky.

    Registered Oshimen? Where u registered that, on the AKB ISP?

    My idol stock:
    1. Wakatsuki Yumi of Nogizaka46. I have a feeling she may enter the Kami7 with her rising popularity (among ppl who are unaware of the purikura incident, which is bullshyt.)
    2. Shinoda Mariko. I’m closely observing this stock for December. I want to see what other promotion will AKB do for Ue Kara Mariko.
    3. Since the Mad Dog version of Miyazaki Miho, Noujou Ami, Oba Mina, and Fujie Reina is taken, ummm… SUGAMOTO YUKO FROM HKT48!! The possible center and/or
    Captain. Yuukosu and Aanya are becoming my favorites based on first impression for sure. With the introduction of so many 48 group idols this year, if Majisuka Gakuen returns for a third season, they gonna have trouble introducing them and stay to the plot. Hmm, a want a new season but start a brand new story, in a parallel universe.

    In the NSK ring: Momoiro’s Purple vs. SKE’s Sawako! GO!! Lolsz

    “Take the horse to the glue factory” Lmao hahahahaha. I’m sound biting this lol.

    2012 will be the year of HKT, JKT, TPE, and Nogizaka46 . My groups that’s gonna be in the main focus of the AKS family. I look forward to it.
    Woot! Nogizakatte Doko ep 3 to 8 are on the tracker! HD!
    (and translated member names for the updated profile pic:
    http://www.hello-online.org/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=54548 )

  2. David, have you seen the cover of Fujie Reina’s first DVD, “Tokonatsu Girl”? It’s …. interesting, let’s put it that way.

  3. Hey guys good show as all ways and thanks for awnsering my question!

    this is for you David! http://img856.imageshack.us/img856/9348/o0480064011614130742.jpg

  4. Thanks for the podcast.
    The Primal PV, I can’t watch it, it freaks me out too much but the song itself sounds good.
    Idol Survivability? No doubt many of the popular AKB members will do well but I worry about what will happen the more lesser known members of AKB.
    The teaser for the Starcraft 2 documentary looked good. The crowds look pretty amazing too.

  5. I guess I must just be super desensitised because I seem to be one of the few people who isn’t bothered by the PV for Primal. I suppose a fair amount of bias is involved too since I have kinda been pushing BiS on the NSK community.

    You guys should check out their album if the PVs are too much for you. I’m pretty sure they’re on iTunes (at least here in the UK they are) so it should be pretty easy to track down.


    • I wasn’t all that bothered either. I was expecting more blood from the way people way reacting. I actually didn’t pay too much attention to the PV because I thought it was boring. I also thought the one in the forest (what song is that?) was boring as well.

      But I loved the song so much. I’ve been looking for their album on the H!P tracker but no luck.

      • Yeah, their album isn’t uploaded anywhere. iTunes is the only place I’ve ever seen it.

        DM me on Twitter and maybe I can help out.

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