‘No Sleeves’ Album is Too Good to Miss.

I just made a pretty expensive purchase today, but thankfully it wasn’t because of a face-off on Ebay.

When ‘No Sleeves’ (aka No3B), announced their album release early this year, it was a must buy. I wasn’t able to purchase the singles as they came out, and they had enough songs to warrant one. Unfortunately news later came that the album was delayed to January 1st of 2011. Since the announcement I’ve pushed the album to the back of my mind, waiting for more details.

Well I feel really neglectful because I just found about the ‘No Sleeves’ album covers today; and wow:

I saw Takahashi Minami’s cover not 10 seconds before I was scrambling to order it(and not a moment too soon, there were less than 20 left when I ordered it).

At 54 dollars, it’s not cheap; but again, the member editions come with a lot more than you’d expect. With three discs, photobook, charm, trading card, a photo bonus for buying from CDjapan, and of course the great songs themselves—there’s no swindling going on here. I’ve paid the same amount for a standard, bare-bones imported album; such is the curse of buying music that isn’t available overseas, but it’s always nice to see a release bundled with extras to sweeten the deal. I can’t wait for my copy.


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